100 Thieves Huhi: “It feels like a big burden off my heart is gone”

After the instant classic that was the best of five between 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses, I was able to sit down with the support of 100 Thieves, Huhi, to discuss his thoughts before the game, during the game, and some questions from the fans.

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How do you feel after a grueling best-of-five series against Evil Geniuses?

I think it feels really good. It feels like a huge burden on my heart is gone, now that we are qualified, it’s not to say that this is our ultimate goal, but I think definitely having it secured makes me feel so much better. I am very happy about that.

Going into this game, you had two weeks off, and in traditional sports, when a team has a break, there is a lot of concern about players not playing, not practicing enough, not getting enough reps, or warming up before a game. . I was wondering if you felt the same concerns going into this series, or if you were completely sure about the practice you had for the past two weeks.

I think having the bye gave us two weeks of preparation time, I think at first we all thought it was necessary, because of the problems we were facing at the moment, towards the end of the split. We didn’t seem as hot as before, at first.

We solved a lot of problems in the future, I think that made me feel much more comfortable, but I think going into today’s match I felt very good, but one of my concerns was that it has been a while since we played on stage because to what happened the Covid. towards the end of the division, so we didn’t play on stage for, like, four or five weeks, if I remember correctly, and I felt like maybe it would feel different, but I think it ended up being really good because going on stage I felt prepared, and I think that’s due to the two weeks of practice.

That was a crazy series, what kind of stamina do you have to have such a long series, such an intense series, where if you lose you could lose your world ranking because you have to go to the losers category afterwards?

I think I had to not think about it too much. I felt like we were in control of the games, except maybe game two, and I was just making sure to keep up with coffee. I don’t usually drink coffee, but I wanted to have energy, because in this week’s practice that I did, I felt like I wasted a lot of practice for my teammates because I was low on energy and not really focused, and I didn’t want to let that happen, so I made sure to get a good night’s sleep yesterday and have coffee today and walk around a bit, and I think that really helped me, keep my energy up and stay focused.

During the first game, I think you had something crazy like a 90% kill share for the entire game.. How do you keep moving across the entire map, participating in plays and affecting all lanes of the game?

I think support is like, when you are ahead, and when you make a play for the first time and that play is successful, I feel like you will always have the rhythm, and the support of the enemy team is always scared, I always have to guess where I’m going to follow. , and if you guess wrong, then I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. You have to guess right to stop that, and even then it’s not a guarantee because we could win that skirmish anyway. I think after I successfully made my first play, I was a bit in the zone, until I got into center lane towards Ashe, if I remember correctly, and I feel like that was a great pitch.

Until then, I think I controlled the map pretty well, and I felt too much the moment I showed up there, and I felt bad for my team for throwing my lead there, but I think everyone turned their back on me, saying ‘Okay. , “You’re doing great,” and then they reassured me, so I was still very confident.

Speaking of mindset and peace of mind, I was able to ask the 100 Thieves community a few questions even though they went nuts after you guys won the series. One of the questions was “After Danny’s crazy play in center lane, what was the mindset that came out of that game and got into game five?”

He had a very, very nice play that none of us really expected because our communication going into that fight was that we knew as soon as I got engaged and died, and some business deaths happened, we knew we had won the game. Everyone knew it and everyone assumed we won the game, including me. We were all so excited, and I feel like at that point we overstepped our limits, and then Danny punished us and we lost the game after that.

That felt really bad because we felt like that was our victory, and we only lost because we lost our focus at the end, like literally at the end. We were just saying it was okay. Everyone was looking at each other saying it was okay, we understood this, it’s just another one of the best. I felt really confident because of the previous games, I felt like John and I, Closer, were on the same page a lot today, and then we were wandering the map and killing a lot of people. I felt like we could do it again, going into the fifth game, and I think we did it successfully.

Another question from the community is: “You played at 100 Thieves in 2019 and now you’re back this year. How was the difference between playing in 2019 and now qualifying for the World Cup in 2021?”

It definitely feels great, it’s been a while since I’ve been to worlds. The last time I was at 100 Thieves as a mid laner, I didn’t have the best experience either, and that’s why I think I feel very relieved, after I switched roles to support and in this division playing decently well, I feel like I really I’m becoming a support player and going into worlds, I think the FBI and I are a very strong bottom lane, but we just have to be consistent.

We really want to test ourselves in international tournaments to what extent we are, especially against the bot laners of the LPL and LCK, because we see them play a lot because we think they are really good players and sometimes better than us. I feel like we’re trying to learn as much as we can from them, but the best way to do that is to play against them, so we’re very excited to get into worlds and potentially face them.

You said you are not a real support, but you finished just behind CoreJJ in the All Pro vote, I think by two points. Did you ever expect the press to vote so much for you, or hold you in such high regard when you changed your role to support?

This division, based on how I played before, I think I definitely thought I would get something, some kind of votes. Towards the end, when we trembled a bit, that took away the confidence a bit. I still felt like I was doing decently well. I am very happy to have been second in the vote of all the professionals and I think my goal should be to be first in the next division.

You’ve played a lot of lanes with the FBI, what is your favorite lane to run with the FBI without spoiling anything?

I think it is something different. I think today I like to play Leona with him because we are very aggressive in the lane, and Thresh is good in that regard too. I feel like anything we can just punish bottom lane enemies usually, that’s what I like to play with with the FBI. When I used to play in the center lane, I was not really focused on punishing the enemy lane, I was more focused on my movements and how to amble correctly. With him he is on the other side where I want to punish them, and I believe that together we are better than them in every way, and we want to challenge them. That’s why I think it’s Leona.

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