100T nitr0: “I think it was more like a mentality block going against them. I’ve been there before with Astralis too. Hopefully, I can figure something out.”

With a ticket to Masters: Berlin all but secured, 100 Thieves met the Sentinels in a series of early top-group finals in the 2021 VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs. Despite losing five consecutive series to reigning Masters champions Reykjavik, expectations were based on this series being a close affair with both sides battling for the decisive third map in light of the improved 100T form.

Unfortunately, such a prediction did not materialize in reality, as thanks to a dominant display by Sentinels on the series’ opening map, 100T fell to the bottom bracket in two games where they will wait for Team Envy for a place in the grand finale and a chance. to improve your seeding for Masters: Berlin.

Shortly after the loss, Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella spoke to Gamezo for an exclusive interview about what went wrong against the Sentinels, the team’s progress since failing on Stage 1 and 2, and their qualification to Berlin.

Bold font means Gamezo’s questions, while the standard font shows nitr0’s answers.

Nitr0, I know it was a difficult series to play, but I would like to know how you feel right now.

nitr0: We still feel great. We just have to touch a few things here and there and talk about the maps for tomorrow against XSET or Envy. We have to correct our mistakes starting today and it is the best of five, so we will have to play all the maps basically. We have to keep talking about the game as a team, hopefully we win our match tomorrow and find out who we are seeded for Berlin because that is ultimately our goal going forward.

Still, I’d like to go back to that series in front of SEN. A lot of people expected such a tight showdown, but it didn’t turn out the way it did. Even though that first Split map was selected by SEN, what exactly went wrong for you guys that the game turned out the way it did?

Nitr0: I think we were playing very scared and not so confident for some reason. Obviously, you could say that the next map (Haven) was much cleaner of us because it is one of our most practiced maps and we had all the protocols down.

I think it was more a question of mentality to go into the Split match against SEN. That was not our game and I think everyone knows it. We just have to figure out what it would take to put our mindset on the right track for the next time we play against them or against the team we think is good. The next tournament in Berlin is going to be tough with all these other teams, so maybe we’ll do a European training camp to make sure we have all of our stuff under control and get a feel for how other teams play this game and approach it.

As you already mentioned, you played a cleaner game on the map below. Regardless of the outcome, what are some of the things you identified so that you can then put it into practice for Berlin?

Nitr0: I think the biggest improvement we saw is the performance from Map 1 to Map 2. We know next time we can’t mess up (our game) and we should have a better game plan, but there really wasn’t too much to take away from me. opinion. I think it was more like a mentality block against him. I’ve also been there before with Astralis (during my time with Team Liquid in CS: GO). Hopefully, I can find something. * laughs *

We will see that in the future. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the 100T rating for Berlin. It is already well documented. The social media team posted a video of the team’s reaction upon finishing that semi-final series against XSET. How does it feel to get a ticket to Berlin?

nitr0: I am very excited. Since COVID arrived, the last tournament I attended was in Katowice in March 2020 (IEM World Championship Season XIV), so it has been a year and five months since I was in a LAN with people. Not necessarily the crowd, but in general, so I’m very excited to be back so I can play on LAN and meet some of the players. It’s going to be a great time.

Except for Ethan, who joined the team this year, you’ve been a part of basically the entire 100T period within Valorant as a whole. You’ve been a part of that First Strike team and then you haven’t fared well in Stages 1 and 2 so far. How have you seen the team’s progress throughout your entire 100T period in that regard?

nitr0: I think we have developed a lot as a team. I think we finally figured out how we want to approach the game as a team in the last week, literally. We started talking more about protocols and things like that. We feel very good as a team at the moment and it took us a lot to discover our compositions, so we just have to keep practicing and improving our mistakes.

That kind of problem must have been a very difficult thing to solve. What were some of the things that made it so difficult that you later got over it and played a lot better together than before?

nitr0: I think it was just the general philosophy of how each person viewed the game. We really figured out what we wanted as a team and how we wanted to approach the game. I think that was the most important thing.

As a result of the loss, you are now moving down to the bottom bracket of the playoffs where you will wait for the winner of the XSET-Envy series. What do you see from each team as you wait for the winner in your next series?

nitr0: XSET obviously wants revenge for the first series and then every time we play Envy it ends up being a closed series. Regardless of which team we are in, it will be a very good series for the fans to see. At the end of the day, we just have to show up on the server and do what we do in practice and I think we will win.

Of course, Envy experienced a major improvement with the addition of Jacob “yay” Whiteaker. How does Yay’s inclusion on that team alter Envy’s style of play?

nitr0: I think they finally got a “superstar” player that they wanted. I think mummAy was a great support player and occasionally played Jett here and there because he likes to use the Op (Operator). I don’t know if I wanted to play Jett or whatever, but half the time I was on Jett and the other half on Astra. I think they finally got the last piece of the puzzle they were looking for in a Jett player, so I think from now on, they just have to keep practicing and getting better.

Hopefully not better than 100T, right?

nitr0: Yes. * laughs *

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