Metroid Dread Report Vol. 8 Details Planet ZDR

The most recent volume of the Metroid Dread report focuses on the setting for Metroid Dread: Planet ZDR. The planet shares many similarities, such as temperature, humidity, gravity, and atmospheric composition as SR388, a planet that Samus has previously visited. Planet ZDR is divided into multiple layers, each with unique traits and organisms, which act … Read more

Fallout 4 Max Level

For power levelers like me, enough XP is never enough. It is not enough to be powerful, I need to be as powerful as possible. It’s something I do in almost every RPG I play, and Fallout 4 is no different, or so I thought. I played and played, leveling up over 100, and began … Read more

Best Drift Cars In GTA 5 Online

Drifting becomes fast with these cars in GTA 5 Online! The best drift cars in GTA 5 may not look fancy, but they bring great thrills. One of the funniest games in the massively played Rockstar Game, GTA 5, is its ability to leave the gamer in awe while browsing freely. Whether it’s day or … Read more

RuneScape 3 is Adding Its First True Skilling Boss

Jagex continues his promise to make every Elder God Wars Dungeon front unique, with the third front, The Croesus Front, featuring the first skill boss in RuneScape 3. The front, sent by Elder God Bik, will be released on 27th. September. 2021. Details of the new front were revealed on the developer’s live stream. The … Read more

Lemnis Gate Ranked Play Details Revealed

Lemnis Gate is only a week away from its release, after it was delayed from its original release a week after the beta. New information about the game’s cosmetics, operatives, and maps has been revealed. But now details have been revealed about one of the most attractive parts of Lemnis Gate, the ranked game. At … Read more

Valorant Agents Tier List 2021

We rank all Valorant agents so you can choose which agent to choose to increase your chances of winning from our Valorant agent tier list. Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter (FPS) developed and released by Riot Games in the second quarter of 2020. Since its launch, the game has seen a host of new … Read more

How to Make Someone a Mod on Twitch

As a streamer, having a strong moderation team is the key to establishing a thriving Twitch community. Moderators help keep communication safe, respectful, and fun in the chat room by managing chat members, messages, polls, and making sure communication runs effectively, without bans and spam. In short, moderators are crucial to maintaining a pleasant streaming, … Read more

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Confirmed for DLC and Possible Voice Acting

Ludosity’s Joel Nyström has confirmed more characters for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl in DLC form. The information comes from an interview with Game Informer, where Joel also revealed the possibility of adding voice acting in the future. There are many details in the questions and answers, but one of the most important conclusions is the confirmation … Read more