Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Choosing Theodoros or Mestor in Followers of Truth Quest

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is home to a host of interesting and not-so-interesting characters to interact with. Most of the NPCs you’ll come across won’t have much to say, but Herodotos is quite talkative and pushes the game’s narrative forward. This guide will outline the quest for the Followers of Truth and advise you if you should pick Theodoros or Mestor as the culprits.

Followers of the Quest for Truth

Before starting the Followers of Truth quest, you’ll first need to complete the Regrets quest.

Once you are ready to begin, Herodotus will assign you the task of finding the hiding place of the Followers of Ares.

Followers of Ares’s Hideout

The hideout is located on the island of Samos, in the center of the Shrine of the Devotees. Find Akousmatikoi Cave and speak to Herodotos before entering.


Kill the followers of Ares

Then you will have to assassinate the four followers inside the cave, which will trigger another dialogue with Herodotos.

Investigate hiding place

Herodotos will want to find out what the followers were doing inside the cave, which will trigger a period of investigation.

There are five clues scattered throughout the cave, including a list of names, family sigil, scriptures, Persian coins, and Athenian and Spartan uniforms.

Talk to Herodotus

After gathering all the clues, Herodotus will believe that the Persians are to blame and that one of his brothers is an accomplice. Then he will ask you which brother you think he is.

Should you choose Theodoros or Mestor?

Ultimately, Mestor is the culprit, as it was he who killed Herodotos’s parents and endangered the island of Samos.

Regardless of who you choose, the story will come to roughly the same conclusion, however, choosing Mestor has more advantages.

Aside from him being the real culprit, choosing Mestor will also get Theodoros off your back and even befriend you.

Since Mestor is technically the right choice, you will also receive maximum rewards of many XP and Drachmae.

The Family Values ​​quest will also unlock once you complete Followers of Truth.

talk-to-herodotos ac odyssey

Samos Defense Mission

After completing Followers of Truth, you can begin the Defense of Samos quest, which will end the Herodotus narrative.

This mission will assign you the task of fighting in a boat encounter against the Persians to defend the island of Samos.

Herodotos will then go on to live a new life now that his criminal brother is out of the way and he also has a new ally in Theodoros.

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