Carzzy: “I feel we’re gonna bring it home once again”

Today MAD Lions have secured their place in the 2021 World Championship after winning their match against G2 Esports 3-1. We had the pleasure of interviewing Carzzy, ADC of MAD Lions, right after the game to talk about the upcoming clash against Rogue next week. The spring split finals rematch for the spot in the summer finals will be next Saturday!


Written below is the transcript of CarzzyThe interview. Bold font goes for our questions and the standard source points to the MAD Lions ADC responses.

We are delighted to have Carzzy, ADC of MAD Lions with us after today’s game against G2 Esports. First congratulations on qualifying for the World Cup! How does it feel to qualify for the biggest League of Legends tournament for the second year in a row?

Hello! I feel great! We put a lot of work into the team, as a group of teammates, and although we now had three difficult weeks in which things didn’t go the way we wanted and maybe we had a lot of clashes, today it was pretty good. and we played crazy, so I’m very happy with the result.

Today you faced Rekkles, who said he would bring a “death operaIn the playoffs, however, he took the victory over G2. Do you think stopping his momentum will greatly change the rest of his playoff career?

I mean, it’s G2, so you can never rule them out, so we might see some comebacks and see them return to the final, so it’s hard to tell.

During an interview we had with his coach, Mac, he said that MAD was a very different team going into the playoffs.
Would you agree with me when I say that this series indulged in that statement?

We are definitely better when we play Bo5 and I think we are the fastest EU team to adapt against another team so playing Bo5 against us would be pretty scary.

Looking forward to the next game, we have a spring final rematch next Saturday between you and Rogue. Will we see the same story? Or do you think Rogue could give you a hard time?

I think Rogue is going to give us a hard time, but I have complete confidence in our team and I feel like we are going to bring him home one more time.

One last thing I’d like to ask you today is related to something Dylan said at the analyst desk after the third game, He said his team was expected to qualify for the World Cup almost immediately and this would always put a lot of pressure on the players. How much did this affect you and the rest of the team today?

To be honest, I don’t think it affected anyone, we didn’t feel pressure in Bo5, it’s more in Bo1 where we are struggling a bit. But once we’re on the Bo5, I think everyone will feel completely confident I would say. It is quite easy for us to play and win at Bo5.

Thanks Carzzy for your time and good luck on your next match!

Thanks a lot and goodbye!

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