Cold War Season 5 Trailer Is Here and Teases New Operator

Today, the Call of Duty YouTube page released the trailer for the Season 5 trailer, introducing a new carrier and reminding the COD community that there are only 8 days left until the Battle Pass restarts as we prepare for the 12th of August, the arrival of season 5.

Season 5 trailer preview

As the season 5 trailer progresses through the story, it begins with the N.A.T.O team led by Operator Woods hoping to ambush Warsaw Operator Stitch’s plans in time. They did not take into account, it is the newest operator in Warsaw. She cranks up the show, takes out some N.A.T.O operators while holding two guns, and wears the coldest eye patch I’ve ever seen. Woods walks into the control room, the new operator raises her hands and says just two words, ‘bang bang’. With the broadcast active and the NATO team taking a beating, it ends with Stitch praising a job well done and moving forward with The Plan.

Today, Call of Duty posted on Twitter telling everyone to keep your head and work in the shadows as they showcase the new operator, August 12, and the star of their most recent trailer.

With August 12 just around the corner and 8 days until the Battle Pass reset, some new packs have been added to the store. We get the Magma Fury Ultra Skin Pack, packed with Gold Tracers and Sunburned Dismemberment. Plus, the Most Wanted II Pack, which includes an Outlaw skin for Rivas, and the Mystic’s Scepter Pack, which includes a new Spellcaster melee weapon and 2-level jumps for the current Battle Pass or Save for the next.

In short, Season 4 is coming to a close, bringing an end to our Battle Pass, Season Challenges, and the last time to show off that Orange Prestige Master level alongside his name.

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