Destiny of Immortals: “A lot of people consider me to be a weak player, so I feel this is the best opportunity to change that stigma.”

IMT Destiny on the public perception of himself: “A lot of people consider me a weak player, so I think this is the best opportunity to change that stigma.”

Amid a bevy of unfavorable expectations, Immortals began their 2021 LCS Championship journey in great style by defeating Dignitas in a three-game sweep in the first round of the bottom draw.

Despite being 2-3 against DIG throughout the 45-game regular season and not being the favorites to win this series, IMT crushed their opponents with relative ease, as thanks to their annoying synergy and preparation, they advanced to the next round where they await the loser of the top support series Team SoloMid vs Team Liquid.

For all the players who got adequate praise for their individual performance against DIG, a good chunk was set aside to support Mitchell “Destiny” Shaw, who finished with a 1/4/37 KDA with Rakan, Thresh and Nautilus in those three games. . It was through the Australian’s contribution that he allowed the rest of the Immortals to overwhelm Dignitas and send the latter home unceremoniously.

After the series sweep, Destiny spoke with Gamezo for an exclusive personal interview to discuss the outcome, her team’s two-week preparation for Dignitas, the general theme surrounding these LCS playoffs, and her individual performance.

Bold font represents Gamezo’s questions and the regular font means Destiny’s answers.

Thanks for taking the time in this interview, Destiny. I’d like to know how you feel right now.

Destiny: I feel pretty good. I think we had a solid performance today. We show a wide variety of styles that we play in each game, so I’m pretty happy that we were able to play all three comps. It is good to move forward.

There were some folks who predicted not just a more competitive series, but a Dignitas win as well, so heading into this series, what did the team and you personally focus on in preparation?

Destiny: I think Dignitas has a clear way of winning the game and it’s something our team identified very early on. We focus on playing a lot of different compositions that deal with punishment, like, in the first game, when we play a lot in the middle lane. Yusui prefers to play melee carries, so we focused on that.

Then in the second game, we also opted to play Thresh and Aphelios. I think Neo and Aphromoo are the best chances to win (from Dignitas). I think they are the strongest part of the team, so we decided to play a skills match and it went very well for us.

As for me, I was focusing on both my performance and that of the team. I put a lot of emphasis on communication in the show and trying to make sure everyone was on the same page. Overall, I think it went well.

From how you mentioned communication, it seemed like there was no problem. You played pretty well throughout the series and particularly in Game 2 with Thresh. How do you see his performance in this series?

Destiny: I’d say I’m happy, but I know there were things that could have gone better and it’s something I’ll have to focus on for the next series. Overall, I am quite happy with my performance. Bottom lane was pretty fluid and I think everyone had a standout game. We just have to figure out a few little things that we did wrong and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep moving forward.

Courtesy: Riot Games via ESPAT

Earlier in the series, their head coach Guilhoto mentioned how the team spent the two weeks between the regular season and the playoffs to prepare solely for Dignitas. What was your central message while preparing for that series?

Destiny: In preparing for the series, we definitely had a lot of conversations about how we wanted to play. Guilhoto came up with an idea and everyone on the team agreed with it. We all thought it would work and it did it in a good way. I think we had a very good preparation going into this series and that’s why we beat them 3-0.

We were much more prepared than they. I think they played exactly the same way they did in the summer so I was very happy with how we performed and how Guilhoto put us on the same page.

What does a Bo5 offer that a regular season Bo1 cannot offer in your view?

Destiny: Best-of-fives shows more of a team’s strengths and weaknesses. Many more factors come, such as adaptation (see what opponents are playing, what you are playing and what you need to kick) and endurance (players must be mentally strong, be in good physical shape, they cannot be exhausted after one or two games). If you have a bad game, you must recover immediately. You cannot think about the loss and let it happen.

When the best of one happens, you can lose and you can be leaning all night. You can express how you feel. But in a best of five, you need to express yourself differently and identify what went right and what went wrong. Some teams do better, some teams do worse, but the best of the five, in my opinion, shows which team is the best.

Looking at yourself, you made it back to the playoffs for the first time in over a year since spring 2020, where you played for Origen. What’s it like to be back in the running for one of those World Cup spots this time in NA?

Destiny: It feels great to be in the playoffs. Last year against G2, it went really bad, so it feels good to have another chance to redeem myself. I think a lot of people consider me a weak player, so I feel like this is the best opportunity to change that stigma. I hope we can continue to show good performances and do something good.

I don’t think many teams expected us to do 3-0 DIG. I don’t think many teams expected much from this team so I really want to show that we are a good team. We have good people and I am grateful to have the opportunity to go to the World Cup. Whatever happens, happens, you know? I feel like everyone on the team has had a good attitude going into these playoffs so anything can happen.

Throughout the year, IMT has been one of the only teams in the LCS that has not changed its lineup during the summer and spring. Since we are in the middle of this World Cup playoff race, how can you describe the team’s growth from the beginning of the year to now?

Destiny: We don’t come together as a team as early as others in the spring. I had some problems with the visa and the same happened with Raes, so we did not do the bootcamp before the season. They literally rushed us, like four sets of mesh and then straight to LCS.

I think the first game of the season was amazing with Revenge and me beating TL. That was a big surprise. I think we were incredibly different in the spring. It was definitely a testing season for us. We were testing a lot of different selections, but we didn’t know how to execute them or, fundamentally, how to play the game well.

Coming from spring to summer, we definitely come together on the same page. We had a really great bootcamp between spring and summer and I think that’s why we seemed like a much better team. We went over many concepts as a team, we identified what our strengths were, what our weaknesses were, and what we needed to improve. I think having that time between spring and summer to identify those aspects did us wonders.

We had a much stronger performance in the summer. It is a bit unfortunate that the results did not carry over due to our spring results, but it was good to see our improvement. I think what Guilhoto did in the offseason was really good. I appreciate everyone on the team because we were the first team to start practicing in the offseason. We were playing a month and a half before the season started. That’s the big reason why we look so much stronger in the summer.

Courtesy: Riot Games via ESPAT

EG head coach Peter Dun stated that these playoffs are a “battle for the soul of the LCS” in which teams with different playing styles (playing conservatively and climbing for the late game versus playing aggressively with a proactive early game) face representing NA at worlds. Is such a battle going on in your eyes?

Destiny: I think a lot of the LCS teams play differently, so I agree that they all have different victory conditions, priorities, and the way they view the game. For example, TL definitely changed his way of playing from the regular season to the playoffs. Now that they have Alphari, they play around a lot and they looked great in their series (against Cloud9). They play very well through their individual lanes.

Dignitas, for example, played through Yusui for most of the summer. That’s why we frustrated them today because they probably tried to do the same. For ourselves, I think, actually, I’m not going to talk about ourselves because I don’t want to drop the beans. * laughs *

I think TSM, control mage mid, they only play climbing and fighting as a team. EG, they play through Jiizuke. It’s kind of a beast right now. I think every LCS team is different. Everyone has their own victory condition, right? I think that’s why Peter Dun said that and I can definitely see it.

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