FostyLoL on Social Media’s Importance in esports

When it comes to esports, there is no denying the importance of social media in the development of the scene. In an age where almost everything is digital, it is through social media that the esports community can interact. Memes, in-depth analysis, hot shots, this is where fans can voice their opinions with equally passionate fans.

One of those people has become quite a figure when it comes to social media and the League of Legends community. His memes quality cannot be understated, and it is through his memes that he has built his career. If you’re a fan of the game and a frequent Twitter user, you’ve most likely come across him: Fosty.

Coming from Serbia, Fosty has earned a reputation for becoming a great social media personality. In an interview with us, Fosty talked about many things. Namely, he told us how his career was built, as well as the importance of social media in League of Legends and esports in general.

Who is Fosty?

Fosty’s reputation began when TSM, his social media manager Duncan, and even Doublelift blocked him. This was because he spammed TSM 0-6 after their performance in the group stage of the 2020 World Cup. While it wasn’t a great start, he has since apologized to them, which Duncan said he agreed to.

Despite crossing the line, Fosty continued to create memes for the community. However, it was when he would create his G2 Rekkles memes that his reputation would take off. Since then, his reputation in the community has only continued to grow and has even reached the esports teams themselves. Teams like NiP, G2 and even the CEO of G2, Carlos “Ocelote” Rodríguez, enjoy their content and follow their Twitter.

The next thing that came with his reputation was anything but expected, but Fosty is still very grateful for it. In other words, he has many compliments for Carlos, who has developed quite a relationship with personality. Not only that, but Fosty managed to land jobs as a social media manager for both esports organizations and other media outlets thanks to his reputation.

Importance of social media

During our interview with Fosty, he brought up the importance of social media to the esports scene. According to him, while dominant performances help carry the competitive side, social media is where teams win even more fans. It is through social networks that fans can see a more informal and fun side of the players, coaches and the organization in general.

Apart from the fans, it is through social networks where organizations also help to get sponsors. Through the production of content that helps entertain fans, while advertising brands, organizations are able to earn money and grow their community. For him, it is equally important that the teams are entertaining and competitive.

He praised organizations like Cloud9 and G2 for improving their game on social media. Both organizations have grown their community to the size it is now through their social media interactions with fans. Fosty also mentioned how these little interactions help fans feel noticed and make them feel important to the organization. One such case involves Carlos, who says he frequently interacts with G2 fans on Twitter, helping fans feel closer to the organization.

Social media plays an important role in the development not only of the esports scene, but also in the growth of organizations within it. By interacting with fans, organizations help fans feel even closer to the teams they love. Whether it’s through memes, agreeing with their opinions, or even simple happy birthdays when tagged, fans appreciate these interactions. After all, in Fosty’s words, “it costs them nothing when they like, reply to, or even quote and tweet their fans’ tweets.”

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