G2 Esports enters into a two year partnership with Adidas

G2 Esports has announced a new multi-year partnership with Adidas, Europe’s largest sportswear brand. With this agreement, Adidas becomes the official supplier of sportswear for G2, including the manufacture of its new 2021 jerseys.

The new G2 jersey will contain a number of unique features, such as AEROREADY technology, which is designed to “keep the fabric dry and breathable.” In addition, the shirt will include a “subtle hologram image” of the face of Carlos Rodríguez, founder and CEO of G2.

The deal doesn’t stop there, in addition to providing apparel for G2 esports players and new team jerseys, the two powerful European organizations will launch a lifestyle apparel collaboration. This has been a trend in recent years for various esports teams and organizations as they have sought to expand their revenue streams.

G2 continues to expand its partner portfolio as Adidas joins the impressive roster that includes Domino’s, Pringles, Mastercard and BMW, among countless other big name brands.

Carlos Rodríguez said the following about the association: “It can be argued that there have been a lot of ‘non-endemic’ brands that have been included or involved in esports, but this is one of the first moments where I really see that participation It goes beyond simply putting the logo on a t-shirt or simply appearing on the website as a logo. I think this is clearly different from most of the things you have already seen. After dealing with adidas for all these months and discussing strategy with them, and discussing many issues with them, I can already tell you that adidas thinks differently from most corporations. They are actually very ambitious and cutting edge in the way they think about where the next move should be. “

This partnership continues to show just how great esports have become and how great they can be in the future. The culture of the game continues to grow and the big brands like Adidas and others want to be part of it. Audiences of esports teams want to be part of the team, the more organizations create these lifestyle brands and collaborations, the more their fans can connect with the teams and their players.

Source: https://esportsinsider.com/2021/01/g2-esports-announces-major-adidas-partnership/

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