GTA 5: How to Change Weapons (PC)

The first thing you have to do in GTA is buy yourself a weapon. Nobody needs to know what for. And over time you will buy more weapons. More weapons, more organizational nightmare and in GTA it’s not very obvious how to manage your weaponry. So here is a guide on how to change your weapons in GTA 5 for PC.

Purchase of weapons

Before using weapons, you must buy them. The default place to buy weaponry in both GTA 5 and GTA: Online would be the ammunition store.

Ammunation offers a variety of firearms, utility gadgets, and bulletproof vests. Please note that some of the items are only available in GTA: Online.

Weapons store for ammunition and the weapons it offers.
Stock of ammunition weapons

This is also where you can buy upgrades for your weapons that you already own. For a small price, you can install an extended magazine, scope, or change the tint of the weapon.

There are a few more places to get weapons (GTA: Online exclusive). For example, the workshop at Terrorbyte offers you a good stock of weapons to buy on the go. And inside the Bunker or the MOC (Mobile Operations Center), you can get the MK2 version of your weapon.

Weapons Workshop on Terrorbyte. Another way to buy guns
Terrorbyte Weapons Workshop

After purchasing a weapon, it is not necessary to equip it in any way. It will be automatically added to your equipment.

How to change the type of weapon?

Hovering the mouse will open the quick weapons wheel. Keep scrolling and you can change weapon types. There are nine in total: unarmed, melee, shotgun, heavy weapon, special weapon, pistol, submachine gun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle.

To open the full weapon wheel, hold down the “Tab” key. It has slightly different controls, but it can be more useful than the quick one.

Weapon wheel to change weapons in GTA 5
Weapon wheel

Another way to change the weapon type is by pressing keys 1-9 on your keyboard. The default key combinations are:

  • 1 – Disarmed
  • 2 – Melee
  • 3 – shotgun
  • 4 – Heavy Weapon
  • 5 – Special Weapon
  • 6 – Gun
  • 7 – SMG
  • 8 – Assault Rifle
  • 9 -sniper rifle

How to change a weapon of the same type?

But what if you have multiple weapons of the same type? For example, you bought a Desert Eagle and an AP Pistol, both of which are pistols and technically go in the same slot.

You may not realize it, but when you select a certain type of weapon, there is a counter underneath. Displays the number of weapons of the selected type. In the case shown in the image below, there are five guns.

Weapon wheel to change weapons in GTA 5
Weapon type slot

To switch between them you will have to open the wheel of weapons through “Tab”. While holding down the “Tab” key you can select the weapon type by pointing with the cursor and scroll through the weapons of the same type with the mouse wheel.

Change key combinations

All the key combinations mentioned in the guide can be viewed and changed if you wish.

To find these key combinations, press “Esc” to open the menu. Then navigate to the “Settings” tab and then to “Shortcuts”. Out of all the key combination categories, look for the “Select Weapons” option. It should be the fourth from the top.

Key combination settings menu in GTA 5
Key combination settings. GTA 5

You can change the primary key combination or add the secondary one. Last will basically add a second key combination for the same action in case you prefer to use 2 keys depending on the situation.

Click on the key combination and GTA will offer to change it. The game will also signal in case you have chosen the key that was already occupied. In that case, make sure the affected link is found and fixed.

Guns ‘n’ Ammo

Weapons are loaded, preparations are done, time to make some noise. There are many jobs and missions in GTA 5 and GTA: Online for you to try those weapons and compete with others to see who is the best.

But if your weapon is more for self defense and you are looking for a more peaceful way of life, how about founding a Motorcycle Club? You can buy some very non-legal companies to run and make money (GTA: online only).

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