GTA Online: Clubhouse Businesses (“The Open Road”)

If you have just arrived in Los Santos and are exploring the city, you will find that there are many options for starting your own “shady” business. One of them is to buy the Clubhouse and start the Motorcycle Club.

Clubhouses were introduced in the GTA Bikers update and include all kinds of illegal money generation: document forgery, drug smuggling, fake cash manufacturing, and more.

Motorcycle Club Foundation

The first step you should take is to buy a clubhouse. It may sound a bit pricey, but it offers you new sources of income and more fun ways to play GTA: Online.

You can purchase the clubhouse on the Maze Bank foreclosure website. Filter the properties by clicking on the “Clubhouses” category and browse all the available buildings.

The price range varies and depends on the location. The clubhouses in the city will be more expensive than the others. You can start by buying one in the field. They may be far away, but since missions don’t start in the Clubhouse itself, there is no strategic downside.

Maze Bank website
Maze Bank website

Now that you own a clubhouse, you can start a motorcycle club. It is necessary to access the computers of the launch facilities and missions.

You can start and manage the Motorcycle Club anytime, from anywhere via the Interaction Menu (“M” button on PC).

Interaction menu
Interaction menu

You can invite your friends or other players to your club. There are different roles that you can assign them with different permissions to help you manage the club. Note: the club will be dissolved as soon as the session closes. The next time you log in, you will need to log in again and invite new members (all settings will be saved).

There are many customizations you can do to make your club stand out, but you can explore that at your own pace. Now is the time to start making money.

Access to the network “The Open Road”

Now that you are president of the Motorcycle Club you can start your work managing different businesses. This is where “The Open Road” comes in. “The Open Road” is the network operated by Lester and is used for the purchase and management of different warehouses.

You can access this network by logging into your laptop at the clubhouse. It is marked on your map and has an orange “The Open Road” logo on it.

“The Open Road” laptop inside the clubhouse

Here you can view the businesses you already own or buy a new one from the five available categories:

  • Documents forgery
  • Manufacture of counterfeit cash
  • Weed cultivation
  • Methamphetamine production
  • Cocaine production

You can only own one of each type of warehouse. So if you want to get a new Document Forgery Office, you will have to exchange the old one, causing you to lose the stock and supplies that were in it.

Commercial purchase options in
Commercial Buying Options on “The Open Road” Laptop

The cheapest buildings are located on the outskirts of Los Santos. But the location also influences the difficulty of sales. It goes without saying that driving from the field will provide more opportunities for your rivals to try to steal your shipment.

Each property has a maintenance cost. You will pay it every certain period of game time. It is not very expensive, but make sure you have extra money when you work at the Motorcycle Club.

Business management “The Open Road”

Each warehouse will have an introductory mission that will provide you with the first batch of supplies to get your business going. To get more supplies, get upgrades, or sell your stock, you will have to drive to your warehouse and manage it from there.

Drive to the property you want to manage and enter. In each warehouse, there is another laptop that you can access. This is also part of the “The Open Road” network but it is a bit different. You can tell that it is a warehouse laptop if it is green in color.

Laptop “The Open Road” inside the warehouse

On this laptop, you can see the statistics of the particular warehouse you are in. That includes your current stock, its value, the sales success rate, and the amount of your production that has been lost.

Since the business is automated, you will need to keep an eye on the level of stocks and supplies. Without the supplies, the warehouse will not produce anything. The same happens if the stock is full. To balance the scale, you can launch sales / resupply missions from this laptop.

You can also buy upgrades to increase the efficiency of the warehouse or shut it down if you are not using it at the moment. Closing the deal will put you into sleep mode. You will still be the owner of the place and the updates, but it will not work and you will pay less maintenance costs for it. Make sure to sell all stocks before closing because they will be lost.

Warehouse statistics visible through
Warehouse statistics visible through green laptop “The Open Road”

Last words

That’s all you need to know about Clubhouse businesses and how to operate “The Open Road” network. You can find a more detailed description of the properties and missions here. Time to earn some money, don’t let anyone stop you, be it rival clubs chasing you, or the police and the government. Los Santos is yours!

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