How to Become a President in Bitlife?

Bitlife is a simulation-based mobile game that slowly became popular in recent years. The game is mainly known for its open world concept that allows its users to become whatever they want. Do you want to become an actor? a tattoo artist? or the president of the United States? Everything is possible in the strange world of Bitlife.

On that note, many Bitlife players are trying to run for the chairman job. If you are one of those players who aspire to become the most powerful person in the Bitlife world, don’t worry, this is a detailed guide on the way to become the most powerful person in the Bitlife universe.

Bitlife Premium Membership

The first step to becoming prime minister of a nation or president of the United States is to buy the Bitlife Premium Membership. Membership is currently available to purchase for $ 4.99 in the play store. The premium membership allows its users to participate in the presidential elections.

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Apart from that, it also offers its users other cool features like God Mode, living the life of your children, etc.

Select a character with intelligent appearance

Before starting your royal presidential journey, select a character with high intelligence and appearance stats. The game will provide you with four functions.

  • Happiness: 50 to 100
  • Health: 80 to 100
  • Intelligence: 0 to 100
  • Appearance: 0 to 100

Please make sure the starting stats are high in terms of intelligence and looks. The minimum value for both factors must be 60, and if the game gives you characters with lower stats than specified, repeat your life until you get one.

Make sure you improve your appearance and intelligence over time by going to the gym, reading books, and doing other wellness activities.


At Gamezo, we recommend all aspiring Bitlife presidential candidates to pursue a higher education after completing their regular high school. Players must register themselves to earn a degree in Law, political science or business. These titles allow players to win a large amount of money and are aligned with the objectives in question.

Gaining fame, money and experience

The three most essential criteria for winning the election are fame, money, and experience. You can improve your fame ratings by creating a profile on social media and interacting with your fans. The other ways to increase your Fame Factor.

  • Give speeches
  • Appearances in television interviews
  • Marry Bitlife royalty
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You can earn enough money for your election campaigns through your work. But saving such a large amount of money can be a bit tedious through legal channels. So in case you want to make a quick buck, you can always take bribes from other Underworld agencies and mobs.

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Players will gain more experience and sympathy with each election that passes. Make sure to build rapport with members in the political space and office. Also, try to make statements about the current problems in the country for the press.

Election campaign for mayor and governor

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After earning a substantial amount of money, fame, and experience, you can begin to move on to the next phase of your journey as a politician. As in the first board elections, players must save a minimum amount of $ 200,000 and $ 500,000, mayor and governor. The possibility of winning the election depends on the factor of fame and sympathy.

How to run for the president’s campaign?

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After serving as governor for at least 1-2 terms, you will be ready to take on the final president election. To participate in the Bitlife president election, you must save a minimum of $ 1,000,000 for your campaign. Before you stand for election, make sure your final rating for fame and sympathy is around 90 points.

The end result of the election is loosely based on luck and depends on the decisions you made throughout your career. In case you win the election, try to improve your approval ratings by listening to your citizens or being accurate citizens

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