How to Do Pursuit Races in GTA 5 (GTA Online)

The new GTA Online update focuses on something most GTA players live for: cars and street racing. Among all the new content, Los Santos Tuners Update introduced a new game mode: Pursuit Races. And this guide will show you how to do chase races in GTA 5.

Pursuit races are a new type of street race where players drive to the finish line and are chased by the police at the same time. It instantly reminded me of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Need for Speed: Rivals.

Introduction to Los Santos Tuners

You must first complete the introduction to this update. You’ll get a text message on your phone inviting you to the LS car meeting. You can find the waypoint of the location on the map. Drive there and enter the building.

Screenshot with a waypoint of an LS Car Meet in GTA Online
LS Car Meet Waypoint

This is where all the fun happens. There are new cars, clothes, tattoos and events. After the introductory scene, feel free to look around for some of the street racing vibe. When you’re done, head over to Mimi.

Mimi is a vendor who will offer to purchase a membership for the meeting. Membership unlocks all LS Car Meet content (including racing series) and starts your reputation level.

Mimi Vendor at LS Car Meet
Saleswoman Mimi found on LS Car Meet

Pursuit Series Unlock

You now have a membership and can participate in races. However, only Street Series will be available. You will not find a waypoint for the chase races and they will be locked in the Organizer in the meeting.

I mentioned the reputation level before. You can increase it by making a list of activities. And once you reach reputation level 5, you will unlock the beloved chase races.

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