Josedeodo Looks Ahead Even After Crashing Out in 2021

With the conclusion of the 2021 LCS Summer Split, North America’s eyes fell on the final game of the regular season to see FlyQuest take on Counter Logic Gaming, two teams that generally placed at the bottom of the table. classification for most of the year. Despite the poor standing of both competing teams, the stakes were high for one of them, FlyQuest specifically.

If FlyQuest defeats CLG, it would clinch the eighth seed and qualify for the playoffs, which is titled the “LCS Championship,” where NA’s three World Cup spots are decided. If FlyQuest loses, Golden Guardians takes eighth place by virtue of a tiebreaker via one-on-one (3-2), eliminating them entirely as a result.

A byproduct of FlyQuest’s huge implications in the playoffs against CLG was caused by an earlier result in the same week. Even after bringing back Brandon “Josedeodo” Villegas and Cristian “Palafox” Palafox from the Academy, the team lost to GG in their first game of the week, which crucially gave up the H2H advantage to their opponents.

If FlyQuest had come out as winners at that point, the entire riot overlay projection would have been thrown out the window and the CLG match would have been rendered meaningless. However, they lost to GG and after 15 weeks and 44 games, FLY found themselves embroiled in a forced win scenario against a team looking to ruin their playoff aspirations.

Unfortunately for them, such an aspiration did not materialize.

The match against CLG

Since the champion selection, FlyQuest was forced to play behind CLG’s unorthodox style of play. CLG opened the draft with surprising picks for their top lane, jungle and middle, first picking Renekton alongside Elise and Ekko, two champions who returned to the LCS after at least a year away.

FLY vs CLG draft composition (Credit: LCS)

FlyQuest’s original plan against CLG was to select Viego and Syndra as their jungle-media combination. However, with Renekton and Elise entering the fray for CLG, they made a frenzied sound, ultimately opting for Graves to match CLG’s fast roaming and survivability aspects and “pair Syndra with AD and AP.” But with CLG constantly pestering FLY’s top lane, the match quickly became an impossible problem to rectify.

For Josedeodo, who previously focused on the opposition with Graves during the 2020 World Cup, CLG completely blocked his effectiveness in the game. Even if he outplayed Mads “Broxah” Pedersen in real-time farm terms, he wouldn’t be able to support all of his teammates around every corner.

“Even though Elise managed to switch sides and lost a lot, what happened was that we had to cover the upper jumps, but my champion is not good at covering them because he needs to cultivate all the time, so if I’m playing like that and I need to cover all lanes the weather, it becomes really bad for me ”, said Josedeodo in reflection of the CLG match.

“The game in general was really bad because I never had windows to do anything and I always had to catch up on the farm. And if Graves played like that, it becomes very good for Elise. Even if he (Broxah) is leaving camps, he is still winning because he is overtaking his lanes. The biggest problem for us was that we were leveling CLG’s game, but we couldn’t do much else on the map throughout the game. “

Each FlyQuest member did their best in their respective positions to stifle CLG’s drive for their nexus, but CLG’s three rare picks ultimately lashed out at their match-time opportunities as they ultimately lost to be eliminated from the playoffs.

“I played against Graves and it was difficult because we had to score up all the time and if we didn’t do that, the game was basically over,” Josedeodo said. “Even if I’m cultivating and climbing, if we don’t defend the top, the game is over, so I needed to steal jungle camps and my champion doesn’t, so it was difficult to play today.”

Around 2021 as a whole

Credit: Riot Games via ESPAT

The elimination struck a chord in the FlyQuest band of players. Players can improvise a short gratitude post and throw in some motivational jokes for their social feeds to paint a positive outlook for their fans for the future, which does not entirely relieve them of the despair of elimination they felt when seeing the sign of defeat. on their screens.

The predetermined goal of reaching the playoffs to compete for a World Cup spot was negated by a year filled with discord and disharmony, all of which culminated in an early exit. No one understands the depth of failure better than those literally responsible for penetrating it.

For Josedeodo, the elimination of his team was even more tragic, as he believed that they were finally getting better as the season progressed, that if the team had “had two more weeks, maybe we could have solved (their problems) and become better. . . “I believed that despite experiencing such struggles, the likes that I haven’t seen since spring 2019, the team can clinch the playoffs at the last second.

Unfortunately, the resulting match with CLG informed him of the futility behind such an idealistic goal. With the swarm of problems impeding its progress, FlyQuest never had a chance in the first place.

“I think (the game) happened in the same way as during the whole division. We don’t solve our problems at the right time, ”Josedeodo said. “At the end of the division, we were catching up a bit, but it was too late. I think most of our bugs at the end of the split were never resolved, which caused a lot of problems. “

However, the removal of FlyQuest should not slow down Josedeodo’s individual progression by 2021. Prior to Week 6, the LCS FlyQuest team was replaced by the Academy team after compiling a 10-game losing streak. That meant Josedeodo was sent to the second row team for the first time since the start of his career.

Not only did the LCS team play as the epitome of a deer caught in the headlights during his drift, Josedeodo felt he couldn’t perform in the same way that led him to the forefront of Latin America’s League of Legends. With Josedeodo’s transfer to the Academy, it was believed that his promising stage in NA had faded into mediocrity.

“I’m just going to say that I don’t have many words to explain how we’re playing, but I still have faith in this team that we can achieve more and I’m not going to throw in the towel until we do. 0 opportunities left. I will give 300 percent of effort and more ”, said Josedeodo in Twitter during week 5.

However, contrary to expectations, playing for the Academy team was an indispensable opportunity to regain confidence. In his three weeks in the NA Academy summer division, he was near unbeatable, going 10-2 as he made “those 1v4 fights, Diana ults and Lee No plays” over his opponents.

The academy was a much-needed period of rejuvenation for the Argentine jungler. At the time of his degradation, his confidence was sterile, missing, and haunted. He felt that by constantly losing at LCS his skills were regressing to an unfathomable level, but by winning almost all of his games, he was relieved to know that he can still perform at his best.

“Whenever that happens, even if you are good, you will be in your head thinking questions like ‘Am I bad? Am I failing a lot? Am I doing this wrong? ‘”Josedeodo said,“ so during those games at the Academy, I reached out to everyone to make me feel really confident. I still feel like I can do it really well. “

Josedeodo on the future

Courtesy: FlyQuest

What’s next for LATAM’s leading figure? According to the Global Contract Database, Josedeodo’s contract with FlyQuest runs through November 2023, which means he has two more years in NA before deciding on his next career step.

Josedeodo’s original goal was to lead one of the LCS’s promising teams to fight for a World Cup spot. Instead, he was part of a disappointing team that drew more attention by crashing than by drawing attention with admiration.

Meeting the contract term is the standard that all players meet, but after a tumultuous season that featured a brief stint at the Academy, along with FlyQuest’s obligation to rebuild by 2022, the Argentine is unsure of his future. . In fact, “you have no idea.”

“For now, I have no idea. It also depends on what is going to happen to me. We just got eliminated today, ”Josedeodo said. “Never ever, even if we were the worst team in the world, did I think about next season until we were out of it. From now on, I will start thinking about what to do. I’ll probably broadcast while I’m here and then take a break from League at some point. I’ll do it and then see what happens next. “

In the meantime, what you can do is rest and mentally recharge. For what it’s worth, if the story has anything to do with it, it could be to the advantage of the 21-year-old. After finishing last in the 2019 LLA opening division with Furious Gaming, his team came back to finish third in the next division, and then in 2020, as a member of Rainbow7, he qualified for the World Cup.

Precedence says Josedeodo can redirect teams to glory from the basement, but after falling in the LCS playoffs, it’s up to FlyQuest to decide if he can try to redeem himself again.

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