League of Legends: 8 Tips to Get Started

So your friend has convinced you to start playing League of Legends and you are struggling to keep up. These are our beginner tips for those who want to master the biggest MOBA in the world.

It’s safe to say that most new players struggle when they first jump into Summoner’s Rift. But don’t worry, Gamezo has you covered, use these tips and you’ll be winning your games in no time.

The five role-playing icons of League of Legends
The five role icons in League of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Choose a role

When starting in League, the sheer number of champions can be extremely overwhelming. Not all champions do the same things, however some are tanks, some are healers, while others are ranged damage dealers.

Every playstyle is different, and this is reflected in the five roles available in Summoner’s Rift. Whether you’re going to the top to play Ax-wielding Darius, or prefer to sit back and heal with Soraka, choosing a role will help you learn the game much faster. It can often be too tempting to try anything and everything, but choosing a role to start will help!

Have a small pool of champions

After choosing a role, comes the purchase of your main list of champions using their blue essence in the store. Having a small group of champions means you have fewer spells to learn, fewer clashes, and can instead focus on learning the broader parts of the game.

This does not mean that you should ignore other champions, knowing that their abilities will be the key to doing well. But if you want to make your life easier, play a select number of champions at the start. An easy way to do this is to search for tier lists produced by game stats like Blitz.GG or by your favorite streamers and professional players.

Use your Wards

For someone who is new to MOBA, the fog of war mechanic may be a new feature of the game that they have never seen before. Walking in the dark of a jungle without vision is a sure way to die.

Guardians give players vision perks that allow them to traverse the map much more safely. The game even offers you normal wards for free, so there is no reason not to put them in place. Use bush guards around river entrances and around crucial objectives to help your team and see the way to victory.

League of Legends Baron Nashor and Elder Dragon. Credit: Riot Games

Fight for goals

While the river and jungle may seem intimidating to new players, they hide some very cool things if you take a trip through them. From elemental dragons to the mighty Baron Nashor, objectives spread across the map will give teams competitive advantages to help them win the game.

There’s nothing better than killing your first baron and shoving empowered minions down a lane or getting the first execution with the Elder Dragon buff. And don’t worry, the game helps you know where they are and when they appear; just use your minimap to locate them and hold the TAB key so the timers at the top know when they appear.

Look at your minimap

Speaking of the minimap, this is one of the best gear you can use in League of Legends. Located at the bottom left of your screen, the map shows the entirety of Summoner’s Rift, as well as the location of your teammates and enemies in sight.

Get in the habit of regularly checking your minimap to see where the enemies are and tracking them to avoid dying.

League of Legends mythical items
Mythical items from League of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Buy the right items for your champion

League of Legends not only has over 157 champions to learn, but it also has a store full of items that help your champion throughout the game. Items are extremely important in giving your champion damage, utility, and health, which can help you get along with the game.

Items are specifically designed to work best with certain champions and find out which one is better and which one will greatly improve your game. The updated item store in the game goes a long way in recommending items to build. Players can also search for champion builds online, which can also help new players get acquainted with different builds.

Play with an unlocked screen

While the idea of ​​not having to control the camera and just focusing on your champion sounds good to a new player, it’s easy not to realize how limiting a locked camera is. A locked camera keeps your champion in the center of your screen at all times, which means it’s easy to miss things that are on the edge of your point of view.

It can be difficult to get used to an unlocked camera at first, but being able to move the camera to better frame a team fight will go a long way. Try it out in the practice tool beforehand to get used to it.

Have fun

League of Legends can be an overwhelming, toxic, and intensive game for new players, but once you master the basics and start learning the game, it’s sure to get addicting.

As with any hobby, having fun will not only make you more enjoyable, it will also make you play better. So be sure to enjoy your time in the rift and go find those enemy nexuses. Good luck, Summoner!

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