League of Legends: How to Show Ping

Ping is something to watch out for if you don’t trust your internet or are experiencing lag. Especially in multiplayer games. This guide will tell you all about how to show ping in League of Legends.

Why monitor Ping?

As already mentioned, there are several reasons to monitor your ping. Some of them could be:

  • Testing new internet provider
  • Trying to locate the source of the delay
  • Because you are paranoid

In case you need to check your ping, I recommend doing it through Speedtest by Ookla as well. It will give you good insight and data for whatever it is you are doing.

How to show ping?

The ping is seen on the default screen in the upper right corner with FPS. You may have accidentally hidden them by pressing CTRL + F, try pressing this key again to retrieve the ping. If that didn’t work, it means that the key combination is disabled.

In-game ping and fps counter
Ping counter and FPS in League of Legends

To fix this, you will have to navigate to the hotkey section of the settings (you can do it through the client or during the game) and change the “Toggle FPS screen” link to what suits you best.

Change the key combination in the hotkey settings in the League of Legends client.
Hotkey configuration in the League of Legends client.

Tips to reduce your ping

If you suffer from high ping, here are some basic tips to reduce it. Although, you will most likely have to contact your Internet provider and solve this problem with them.

Tips to reduce ping:

  • Make sure you are playing on the correct server. Playing on NA servers from Europe is painful and will cause a massive increase in ping
  • Use Ethernet if possible. Ethernet is much faster and more stable than Wi-Fi. I would not recommend playing any PvP games over Wi-Fi at all.
  • Check the Riot server status in case there are issues with the game itself, sometimes the problem could be at the end.
  • Close unnecessary applications. Perhaps Steam is trying to download a 50GB update for Siege. That hits like a truck.

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