League of Legends: Season 11 End Date

It’s no wonder that every season in League of Legends is packed with content, after all they last almost a whole year. Throughout the season, Riot offers new gameplay changes, events, champions, and skins for players. Although the seasons last a long time, it is always good to keep an eye on the horizon to see the end date. Here’s when to expect the League of Legends season 11 end date.

Season 11 ending date

This year’s season began on January 8 and will run through November. There is no official information yet from Riot Games on the specific end date.

But according to all previous seasons, it should be in the first half of the month, between November 8 and 12. This gives us plenty of time to explore the season 12 preseason.

Riot Games will share an official date closer to November. So keep an eye out for the news at that time.

Season 12 preseason period

Item Changes in Preseason 11. Image via Riot Games

According to tradition, after a season ends, the preseason begins. Preseason is the time when players can start testing out new features and enhancements. While Riot can make the necessary adjustments before the actual season 12 begins.

The preseason runs from November to January. So around January 8, Season 12 will officially launch. You will still be able to rank up during the preseason, but rewards will be locked at the end of Season 11. Competitive ranks will reset at the beginning of Season 12.

Competitive season (esports)

Opening ceremony at LoL Worlds 2018.
LoL Worlds 2018 Opening Ceremony Image via Riot Games

Unsurprisingly, the new season of the game also ushers in the new competitive season.

As you may know, the competitive League season ends in the fall with LoL Worlds, League of Legends’ biggest esports event. It is the World Championship with the best teams from around the world and unforgettable opening ceremonies.

The preseason is a break from competitiveness, but professional players need to get used to the changes and the new goal. With the start of Season 12, we will witness the start of the 2022 competitive season.

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