League of Legends: What is Blue Essence?

As soon as you start League of Legends for the first time, you will see that things work a little differently there, for example in Dota 2. And one of the first things that you will become familiar with is the in-game currencies: RP and Blue. Essence (BE). While RP is used to purchase cosmetics, Blue Essence plays a slightly more crucial role in League.

What is Blue Essence used for?

In League of Legends, the main use of Blue Essence is to buy new characters. The game has dozens of them, but only a few will be available to you from the start. The prices of the characters also vary. The cheapest are 450 BE, the most expensive are 7800 BE, and it is quite a lot.

Screenshot of a Champions Store in League of Legends
League of Legends Champions Store

You will also have to use some Blue Essence to transform Champion Shards into playable characters.

Champion Shards can be acquired through “Awakening Quests” or from Hextech chests. The Shard allows you to get a default character for a discounted price. Or if you don’t want that character, you can turn the Shard into Blue Essence and spend it on the Champion you want.

Screenshot of a process of converting shards to a permanent champion
Converting the Champion Shard to a Permanent Champion

Other less important uses of Blue Essence are:

  • Buy Mysterious Champion Shards.
  • Purchase of rune pages.
  • Champion Mastery upgrade to level 6 or 7.
  • Buy chromas when they are on sale.
  • Buying money at Essence Emporium.

How to acquire Blue Essence?

As a beginning player, you will revive many blue essences with the help of introductory missions. Those introductory missions are: “Awakening Missions”, Daily Game Rewards, and Level Up Rewards.

“Awakening Missions” is a list of 8 simple missions, such as getting a total of 30 assists. Most of them will be completed without you noticing, but those missions have really delicious rewards.

The first 7 days of play will allow you to collect daily game rewards. These include Hextech chests, champions, and blue essence. And don’t worry, you don’t have to log in and play for 7 days in a row, whenever you can.

Screenshot of a main menu in League of Legends if you are a new player
Introductory missions and rewards in League of Legends

However, Level Up rewards are the main source of Blue Essence. Once you’ve completed everything else, leveling up your account will become the only source of BE in League of Legends.

After reaching a new level, you will get a Champion Shard or a certain amount of Blue Essence. And yes, the levels require more and more XP / game time to reach them.

You can also get more Blue Essence by participating in events that happen in League. The most common event is an esports tournament. League of Legends will reward you for watching one or more matches on the official League of Legends esports website, even if you leave the tab silent.

Screenshot of LoL Esports missions awarding Blue Essence
LoL Esports missions

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