LEC Summer Playoffs Round 1: Close Matches Everywhere

In just Round 1 of the LEC Summer Playoffs, we have already seen close matches in all 3 series. Two of the three series managed to complete all five games. We’ve even witnessed a jungler’s first pentakill in the LEC. With that said, in case you missed it, here’s a quick rundown of everything you missed this past weekend.

Rogue advances to semifinals, 3-2 over Misfits

The first series of the LEC summer playoffs can only be described in one word: banger. Rogue faced Misfits in Round 1, the first time Misfits made the playoffs since spring 2020. In those same playoffs, they were eliminated by Rogue 3-1.

Rogue opened the series with a dominant victory over the Rabbits. In Game 1, the team already brought in some picks that were relatively unique in this division. Odoamne brought the recently reworked Tahm Kench into the top lane, and Hans Sama piloted a Ziggs into the bottom lane. By 15 minutes, the team had secured a 4k gold lead, as well as going up on kills from 9 to 2. In some cases, Odoamne even managed to find solo kills against Hirit, who was on Gnar on the top line.

Despite the dominance shown by Rogue in Game 1, the series would come and go between the two teams. They exchanged blow after blow as he went. Misfits would secure Game 2, Rogue with Game 3, then Misfits in Game 4. As I said before, the first series would already deliver the full sets of five, putting Silver Scrapes.

Compared to the other games in the series, Game 5 was the closest overall. At 15 minutes, the Misfits secured an advantage in all respects except kills. 2 karat lead gold, 2 towers to none and 2 dragons to none. Rogue would eventually close out this lead as the game progressed, trapping isolated champions and taking down towers.

Later, in the fight for the hellish soul of the Misfits, Inspired showed why many saw him as a top-notch jungle. Despite the Misfits securing the soul, Rogue managed 3 kills, with Inspired picking up two of them. This eventually led to a baron for Rogue, and it was the subsequent events that many will remember this match for.

As Rogue used the baron to push up, Misfits tried to stop her push. Razork and Vetheo would attempt to separate Rogue’s lineup, but Rogue would maintain her position. However, once the rabbits eliminated most of the team, the fight seemed to be over for Rogue. Inspired, on the other hand, had other plans for the team.

When facing 3 members of the Misfits, Inspired highlighted how many years they spent in the Viego game. Despite the large amount and even the health advantage, Inspired cleaned up the rest of the fight. With Jungler Rogue achieving all three kills, he secured not only the first pentakill of the LEC Summer Playoffs, but the first of any LEC Jungler in history.

Rogue then proceeded to win the series and became the first LEC team to secure their spot for the World Cup.

MAD sends G2 to lower support once again

In the second series of the LEC summer playoffs, G2 sought to continue the momentum they gained during the regular season. On the other hand, MAD seemed to recognize their brand of being a different team during the playoffs, as their coach Mac put it.

Game 1 of the series was virtually dominated by G2, as they held their lead for most of the game. At the end of the game, the ancient dynasty had a 16-2 kill lead, a 7-2 rook lead, and an 11k gold lead. Of the 16 murders on the G2 side, Rekkles was a part of 15 of them. It seemed that Rekkles intended to offer his “death opera”, as he said in a YouTube comment.

Unfortunately for G2, Game 1 would be the only game in which the team would get a win. Game 2 would be a close fight between the two teams, but it was MAD who would come out on top. This was mainly due to his macro, which picked up target after target, as well as isolated members of the G2.

The third game was a different story. At 20 minutes, the kills were mostly dominated by G2, but it was MAD who took the lead on targets. At exactly 20 minutes too, we saw one of the most ruthless tower dives in Armut.

Unfortunately, the death clues weren’t enough. Humanoid proved why Twisted Fate was such a powerful choice, earning gold cards after gold cards in important members of G2. Game 3 seemed to be too much for G2, as Game 4 seemed to show why MAD was the spring split champion. Armut got his hands on Wukong, who was the same champion who started the reverse sweep during the spring split finals. The spring split champions finally closed the series, securing their place in both the semifinals and the World Cup.

FNATIC eliminates Vitality from playoffs and advances to Round 2

In the final series of Round 1 of the LEC Summer Playoffs, both FNATIC and Vitality fought for their lives. Unfortunately, Adam, the top FNATIC player, would test positive for COVID-19, forcing both teams to play online.

Like the Rogue-Misfits series, teams came and went with each other. However, unlike the Rogue-Misfits series, none of the individual games came close. In each of the games, the dominant team managed to close the game with a victory. The most dominant of the games was Game 2, with FNATIC securing a golden lead of nearly 7k for 15 minutes. FNATIC closed the game with a win in just over 24 minutes, with a 17k gold lead and 20 kills.

In the end, it was FNATIC who secured the victory over Vitality. With that victory, Vitality would be eliminated from the playoffs, and FNATIC would advance in the table

With one seed remaining to go to Worlds, the three remaining teams in the bottom group have more bets to play for. The second round will see FNATIC take on the Misfits, with G2 playing the winner in round 3. Tune in next weekend to see who will be eliminated and who will go to the World Cup.

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