Lemnis Gate Deathblow Guide

Lemnis Gate has a total of 7 agents to help turn the cycle of time in your favor. Each has their own weapon and primary ability. Here’s our Lemnis Gate guide for Deathblow. Please note that this guide is currently based on the beta version.

Lemnis Gate Deathblow Overview

Capacity Clip Size / Cooling Details
Primary Weapon: Eradicator 4 clip size Fire a rocket that deals 100 direct hit damage with splash damage.
Skill: proximity mine 5 total, 1.5 second cooldown Places a mine that detonates when an Operative walks near it.
70+ damage with variation and splash damage.

Deathblow is a deadly operative with high blast damage and the ability to install mines to eliminate operatives in the time cycle. While it does have significant damage output, players must take care that their own agents are not caught in the explosions. Deathblow has the highest HP of all the operatives, with 120 HP.

Lemnis Gate Deathblow Guide
Credit: Frontier Developments



Firing Deathblow rockets into small corridors or bridges can also deny or discourage players from entering that area. However, it is generally best used to quickly eliminate operatives.

Its high damage output also allows Deathblow to take targets quickly. However, players must be careful not to hit their own agents. They must also keep track of when Deathblow fires his rockets and when otherwise they risk dying if they act carelessly in later rounds.

Overall, Deathblow’s strength is in powerful and area-of-effect damage, both useful for taking out operatives and taking targets.

Proximity mines

Deathblow’s ability, Proximity Mine, is great for setting up multiple kills in the time loop. By keeping track of where previous operatives are passing, Deathblow can easily set up mines to prevent an enemy from taking a crucial action or deny areas of the map.

Deadly blow on Lemnis's door
Credit: Frontier Developments

In Retrieve XM, Deathblow can place mines on targets that enemy players take later in the time cycle, allowing him to kill while scoring with the target on his own.

However, unlike Toxin’s toxic puddles, they can be detonated prematurely by being shot at. The location of the Deathblow mines is easy to determine, but the timing of placing them is just as crucial.

Deadly blow on Lemnis's door
Credit: Frontier Developments

Relying on Deathblow’s Proximity Mines means that you can only use it to take out operatives later in the time cycle, which also means potential for counterattack, as the enemy can simply destroy it before it has any impact on the time cycle. .

Dealing with Deathblow

Deathblow can be considered a wild card, as it can deal massive amounts of damage, but it also has significant potential for friendly fire. Since Deathblow has 120 HP, taking him out quickly in the time cycle is more difficult than with any other agent.

Deadly blow on Lemnis's door
Credit: Frontier Developments

Good KARL shield locations can negate rockets as they can withstand a direct hit with an extra shield to spare. However, they will not protect against mines as effectively.

When it comes to Deathblow, be careful to memorize where the rockets and proximity mines are placed. Careless misplacing can get you killed quickly, resulting in wasted time or even twists.

We hope you found this Lemnis Gate Deathblow guide helpful. Remember that this guide is currently based on beta data.

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