Lemnis Gate Deathmatch Gameplay Shown

Another live stream of Lemnis Gate has ended. This one focused on a new game mode (and map). Lemnis Gate primarily focuses on objective-based game modes, but also includes a traditional Deathmatch mode. Deathmatch mode also features the game’s signature time loop mechanics.

Lemnis Gate Deathmatch Mode

Deathmatch is pretty straightforward: kill enemy agents. In this mode, there are no targets like resistors (seek and destroy) or particle accelerators (domination). In this mode, enemy operatives are the targets themselves.

As usual, the game takes place in 25-second time cycles for 5 rounds for each player. Once all 5 rounds are over, the one with the most “targets” will be the winner of that half. Then the players switch sides.

Deathmatch at Lemnis Gate
Credit: Frontier Developments

In Deathmatch, since enemy operatives are the targets, players will earn 1 point for each enemy operative that dies at the end of the time cycle. Friendly fire or self-destructs will count towards the score. Basically, for every operative that dies on your side, regardless of who the assassin is, your opponent scores 1 point.

Additionally, players will earn more points (albeit miniscule compared to target points) the more damage they deal.

Because the focus is on killing enemy agents, there is a completely different flow of the game compared to objective-based ones. For example, the entire match could take place on one side of the map.

Deathmatch at Lemnis Gate
Credit: Frontier Developments

Playing Deathmatch in simultaneous mode makes the game look more like a traditional first-person shooter Deathmatch. This could be fun for those who just want to relax and not try too hard to strategize for goals.


Going first in Deathmatch, as in the other game modes, puts you at a certain disadvantage in Lemnis Gate. After all, if chasing assassinations is the aim of the game, then there isn’t much to do if you go first and there are no enemies in the time loop.

On Deathmatch maps, there are turrets that can be captured. When these turrets are captured, they will fire at enemy agents for considerable damage. These turrets can be destroyed.

Deathmatch at Lemnis Gate
Credit: Frontier Developments

When you go first, what you want to do is capture turrets. Since there is nothing else to do (and searching for pre-fires is not as effective if the opponent is paying attention), you can set the flow of the game by capturing turrets (or destroying them).


There are currently 2 maps revealed for Deathmatch. There may or may not be more in full version.

These maps appear to have more open areas compared to objective-based maps, allowing for better focus on combat. Both maps have 2 turrets, both facing each other and approximately even distance from both teams’ gates.

The gameplay shown after Lemnis Gate Deathmatch appeared first on Gamezo.

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