Lemnis Gate Kapitan Guide

Lemnis Gate features a total of 7 Operatives to help swing the time loop to your favour. Each one has their own primary weapon and ability. Here is our Lemnis Gate guide for Kapitan. Please note that this guide is currently based on the beta build.

Lemnis Gate Kapitan Overview

Ability Clip size/Cooldown Details
Primary weapon: Auto Rifle 50 clip size 10 damage per bullet
Ability: Frag Grenade 5 total, 2 second cooldown 100 damage direct with splash

Kapitan is considered the “generic” operative in Lemnis Gate. She possesses an automatic rifle for her primary weapon. Her ability is a Frag Grenade that explodes on impact, meaning no timer on it.

Lemnis Gate Kapitan guide
Credit: Frontier Developments

Overall, Kapitan is an all-rounder, not having any specially unique skills. She is great at straight up offense, having a very respectable consistent damage. Add this on top of her Frag Grenade for burst splash damage, and Kapitan is quite effective at damaging objectives.


Consistently high damage dealer

Normally, you’ll want to use Kapitan to deal damage to objectives or to eliminate enemies that you don’t need Rush’s speed for. Also, her Frag Grenade is also useful for taking out Vendetta Turrets. This is especially true if they are clumped up together.

Credit: Frontier Developments

Kapitan can be useful in Domination, as she can deal enough damage to capture 2 objectives, and sometimes 3 in an optimized run.

One strategy can have her take objectives from the safety of her spawn point, behind cover. This will force enemies to run towards your side of the map to deal with her if they wish to do so. This gives you a significant advantage in how to respond to it.

Retrieve XM reliability

Unfortunately, Kapitan is not as effective in capturing objectives in Retrieve XM as she is in Domination, due to lacking significant movement options. However, she is still potent in her ability to deal constant damage and eliminate operatives.

However, in these games, Kapitan is perfect for when you need a reliable way to remove an operative from the loop, but don’t need to do it very early in the time loop.

Her jack-of-all-trades kit makes her suitable for basic counter plays in eliminating key operatives in the time loop and taking objectives. We hope you enjoyed this Lemnis Gate guide for Kapitan.

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