Lemnis Gate KARL Guide

Lemnis Gate has a total of 7 agents to help turn the cycle of time in your favor. Each has their own weapon and primary ability. Here’s our Lemnis Gate guide for KARL. Please note that this guide is currently based on the beta version.

Lemnis Gate KARL Overview

Capacity Clip Size / Cooling Details
Primary Weapon: Precision Beam 60 clip size Fire a laser beam that deals 4-5 damage per ammo.
Damage starts at 5, then alternates between 5 and 4 per ammo used.
Skill: Orb of Protection 5 total, 2 second cooldown Fire a projectile that creates a spherical shield around the landing point.
It can be attached to Operations.

KARL is a defense-focused operative that can still do damage from a good distance away. It is unique in that it is the only operation with a damage mitigation capability. In addition, he also has greater jumping power than the rest of the cast.

Lemnis Gate KARL Guide
Credit: Frontier Developments


Precision beam

KARL’s main weapon fires a beam that has a deceptively long range. The Precision Beam has respectable damage and is decent for taking down operatives and taking targets.

However, the damage per second is quite low compared to other operatives. However, it makes up for it a bit with its fairly long reach. A full magazine deals a total of 270 damage.

As of now, there isn’t much else to note, but keep in mind that the Precision Beam is incredibly strong in narrow hallways rather than open areas.

Protective Orbs

KARL, the “nicest boy”, shines better in the later rounds. His ability, Protective Orb, allows him to easily save an ally from death without having to prevent the source directly. The shield has over 100 HP so it can easily survive burst damage, like a Deathblow rocket.

Lemnis Gate KARL Guide
Credit: Frontier Developments

If KARL uses his shields in a first round, the opponent has more chances to shoot through the shield to hit the target. If KARL is used in response to an attack, the shield will most likely save the life of the operative.

The shields block all operational projectiles and also prevent Vendetta’s attack pods from “seeing” anything behind them. However, agents within the shield can fire through the shield without damaging it. Think of it as a 2-way mirror – projectiles from the outside into the shield are blocked and the projectiles coming out of the shield dodge it.

While KARL’s Protective Orb ability is powerful, it can be difficult to bond with previous operatives while moving. A good trick to do at the beginning of each round is to run in a straight line for 1 second (without sliding or jumping). This will allow you to easily attach a shield to them should they need it in a future turn.

Lemnis Gate KARL Guide
Credit: Frontier Developments

Plus, you can simply mark the ground where your operative will be when it takes damage.

Lastly, keep in mind that Protective Orb can attach itself to enemy agents, so be careful when casting it in the middle of the map or later in the time loop.

If you plan to take targets in Domination or Search and Destroy with KARL, consider placing a shield on the ground before doing so.

Also consider putting up more shields when you have to reload. This may buy KARL some time in the future if an enemy operative decides to eliminate him. However, this makes him susceptible to Toxin or Deathblow.

Dealing with the shield

However, the KARL crest can be treated in a number of ways. First, puddles of Toxin completely ignore the shield, so it can’t be used to stop that damage.

On the other hand, KARL’s protective orb stops Toxin’s projectiles, so they can be strategically placed to prevent Toxin from leaving his dangers in the first place.

However, keep in mind that Toxin has his Displacer, which allows him to quickly travel around the map. This means that it is often difficult to put up a shield to avoid puddles, unless Toxin chooses to place them near his door.

Credit: Frontier Developments

Second, if you want to counter a KARL shield in the future, you can always continue to shoot the enemy’s ghost after it dies. This way, if an enemy receives a KARL shield, they will still get shot and possibly die.

But this is not a true counterattack, as later turns counter earlier turns, and the player using a KARL shield can simply kill your operative after protecting his teammate with the orb.

Lastly, players can enter the shield to avoid it, allowing you to simply shoot the operative. However, this may not be reliable due to the fast-paced nature of the game and constant movement.

Credit: Frontier Developments

Players will need to make sure to keep a close distance if they wish to evade a future KARL shield, which means studying enemy movements closely before taking their turn.

KARL is currently the only operative capable of mitigating the damage at Lemnis Gate. It’s usually best used in later rounds to save key operatives, giving the opponent fewer turns to deal with their shields.

Also, keep in mind that their shields will also block your own shots, which could end up benefiting the enemy.

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