Lemnis Gate Player Progression Details

Lemnis Gate will arrive in less than a month, but there is still a lot to reveal before its launch. A post from the Lemnis Gate website has detailed how player progression works in the game. The progression is primarily focused on unlocking customizations for your Operatives.

Leveling up

As with many other games, players gain experience by completing games, whether they win or lose. Obviously, winning will result in more experience gained. Damaging and killing enemy agents will also grant bonus experience.

Every time you level up, you will earn HEX Coins, which are used to activate new customizations such as operational and weapon skins.

Lemnis Gate player progression
Credit: Frontier Developments

In addition to the player experience, you also gain experience in Operational Mastery. Each Operative gains its own amount of progression, and you can only gain experience for that Operative if you use it during the game.

The XP you have earned is never lost. Even if your Operative dies in a later round, the XP you earned during your round will accumulate. At the end of a game, XP is added to your player level, as well as the relevant operational masteries, and once a certain amount of XP is reached, you level up and you are awarded a HEX coin to spend on a game. HEX grid.

Lemnis Gate

Unlocking higher Mastery for each Operative grants more unlocks.

Hexagonal grids

Each Operative has its own HEX grid, which is essentially a screen that shows which Operative you want to unlock customizations for. This is where you spend HEX coins to get these unlocks.

Lemnis Gate player progression
Credit: Frontier Developments

Each HEX grid displays cosmetic unlocks such as operational outfits, weapon skins, emotes, and player emblems.

Weapon designs

In addition to changing the appearance of a weapon, weapons can even be customized to adjust the weapon’s stats slightly. This appears to be the only element of player progression that is not just cosmetic, as it impacts gameplay.

However, according to the writing of the post, these changes are minor and do not actually improve the weapons, but instead provide alternative stats to the weapon that is better suited to the player’s playstyle.

Lemnis Gate
Credit: Frontier Developments

In general, all player progression is largely related to unlocking cosmetics in Lemnis Gate, and has little to no relationship to the game itself. It’s also nice to see that cosmetics are unlocked by playing the game rather than through microtransactions.

Lemnis Gate launches on September 28 after being delayed from the August 3 release date. If you buy the game before the release date, you will receive a 20% discount.

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