Lemnis Gate Striker Guide

Lemnis Gate features a total of 7 Operatives to help swing the time loop to your favour. Each one has their own primary weapon and ability. Here is our Lemnis Gate guide for Striker. Please note that this guide is currently based on the beta build.

Lemnis Gate Striker Overview

Ability Clip size/Cooldown Details
Primary weapon: Zero-Drop Rifle 2 clip size 80 damage direct
Ability: Ripple Unlimited uses, 4 second duration (real-time), 3 second cooldown Time slows down for the duration.

Striker is a sniper character who is best used to eliminate operatives in later rounds. However, he can also deal some burst damage on objectives. He is not good for consistent damage output.

Lemnis Gate Striker guide
Credit: Frontier Developments


Slowing down time

Striker’s ability, Ripple, slows down time for 4 seconds in real-time. This allows him to more easily get headshots (120 damage) on opponents. This is especially useful given how fast paced Lemnis Gate is.

Lemnis Gate Striker guide
Credit: Frontier Developments

While Ripple is activated, the slow time only occurs while that round is being played. That means that any other players in the round will experience the slow down if they are playing simultaneously.

The slowdown will not happen in later rounds, and will play as normal, but Striker will still perform him actions as he did during his turn.

When to use Striker

Striker’s effectiveness decreases later in the time loop, but is more effective at later rounds, especially when the opponent has already used KARL. KARL is commonly used to counter Striker’s targets by placing his shields on them.

This is because in most scenarios, a Striker will eliminate an operative early in the time loop while staying close to his gate. Doing so largely keeps Striker safe from being eliminated by the enemy, save for a Striker pick.

Striker can be incredibly powerful during the last round. The opponent will not have a turn left to counter him. However, smart players will stay behind cover as much as they can during their turns in order to force Striker to move out.

Furthermore, by the last round, there may only be 1 or 2 viable targets to eliminate, as other targets have likely already been countered in previous rounds.

Although Striker is a great operative for eliminating enemies, he falters in taking objectives. He does not possess any movement abilities, so he’s on par with most of the cast in Retrieve XM.

He is decent at dealing damage to objectives, but lacks sustained damage output, given his small clip size of 2. However, if a sudden burst of damage is needed towards the end of the round, the Striker can be useful, being able to hit objectives from afar.

When taking objectives, using Ripple to slow down time can be helpful in hitting the weak spots.

Striker, in the simplest explanation, is a sniper who can take out key operatives. He is most effective in the later turns and earlier in the time loop. We hope you enjoyed this Lemnis Gate guide for Striker.

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