Lemnis Gate Toxin Guide

Lemnis Gate features a total of 7 Operatives to help swing the time loop to your favour. Each one has their own primary weapon and ability. Here is our Lemnis Gate guide for Toxin. Please note that this guide is currently based on the beta build.

Lemnis Gate Toxin Overview

Ability Clip size/Cooldown Details
Primary weapon: Tox Cannon 12 clip size 15 damage direct, 33~ damage per second on puddle. Toxin is immune to all toxic puddles, including Toxins
Ability: Displacer 5 total, 2 second cooldown Toxin teleports as soon as Displacer lands.

Toxin is an operative who can set up hazardous areas to deny enemies. While her Tox Cannon deals little damage when hit directly, the puddles it leaves behind deals significant damage to anyone standing on it.

Lemnis Gate Toxin Guide
Credit: Frontier Developments


“Splatooning” the map

Using Toxin requires players to set up puddles in areas of the map that they wish to deny. Examples are tunnels or corridors that force the enemy to take alternate routes else they receive significant damage.

Lemnis Gate Toxin guide
Credit: Frontier Developments

Toxin’s toxic puddles deal damage to all operatives, even friendlies. The exceptions are any Toxins. All Toxins, whether the one that owns the puddles or not, are immune to them.

Toxin can be played offensively by determining spots where enemy operatives are going to stand at and preemptively placing puddles on them. Her Displacer can help her get across maps quickly, allowing her to set up her toxic puddles in key areas early in the time loop.

Toxic Puddles

Toxin’s puddles are the only source of damage that cannot be blocked by KARL’s Protective Orbs. If an operative has a Protective Orb on them and steps on the puddle, they will still take damage, ignoring the shield.

This means that if you place toxic puddles in an area where you target is going to be before that target performs an important action, one of the only ways to stop it is to kill Toxin before she can place her puddles.

Despite this, KARL can counter Toxin’s puddles somewhat, but it involves placing a Protective Orb on the spot before Toxin can place her puddles. The Protective Orb will block the Tox Cannon shots before they hit the ground, mitigating the amount of puddles she can put down. However, this tactic won’t work if a Toxin shoots straight down at her feet.


Though Toxin is terrible at damaging objectives, she excels at Retrieve XM, as her Displacer allows her to nab the XM and deliver them to the gate quickly. You can also decide to simply create hazardous areas with her Tox Cannon instead.

Because of this, she rivals Rush in grabbing XM. Toxin’s HP total of 110 also makes her significantly more tanky than Rush. Toxin is a good opening move in Retrieve XM to grab as many objectives in during the time loop.

When this happens, a game can end up somewhat revolving around denying the Toxin those objective and protecting that Toxin.

Toxin is quite versatile in some ways, with her only weakness her inability to deal significant damage on objectives. We hope you enjoyed this Lemnis Gate guide for Toxin.

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