Lemnis Gate Vendetta Guide

Lemnis Gate has a total of 7 agents to help turn the cycle of time in your favor. Each has their own weapon and primary ability. Here’s our Lemnis Gate guide for Vendetta. Please note that this guide is currently based on the beta version.

Lemnis Gate Vendetta Overview

Capacity Clip Size / Cooling Details
Primary Weapon: Scattergun 6 clip size Fire 6 pellets, 17 direct damage (102 total)
Skill: Attack Pod 5 total, 1 second setup time, 2 second cooldown Place a turret that attacks enemies in its field field and within range.
If placed in the air, the turret becomes a static drone that has a 360 field view in all directions.

Vendetta’s equipment, such as Toxin and Deathblow, allows her to punish enemies that enter specific areas with her ability. However, while its turrets can be quite good at punishing enemies that enter an area controlled by Vendetta, they do have drawbacks.

Lemnis Gate Vendetta Guide
Credit: Frontier Developments


Attack Capsules

Vendetta Turrets (Attack Pods), like other abilities, have a cooldown. However, they also have a very short setup time.

While 1 second doesn’t seem like a lot, combined with the 2 second cooldown, Vendetta each Attack Pod after the first one costs you 3 seconds on the time cycle.

Lemnis Gate Vendetta Guide
Credit: Frontier Developments

With a total of 5 Attack Pods, you would spend 15 seconds of the time cycle setting up turrets if you did it at 100% efficiency. This means only 10 seconds to do anything else. It’s also worth noting that you need to be immobile for the time you’re placing your attack pod, which makes you susceptible to toxin and fatal blow.

Whereas Vendetta cannot move on her while setting up an attack pod. However, you can set them if you are in the air, maintaining your momentum. If you manage to place an attack pod in the air, it turns into a drone-style attack pod.

Drone turrets have a range of 360, unlike grounded attack pods that can only see in a cone in front of them.

Due to Vendetta’s setup times, attack pod damage is not overly stellar and turret destructibility, it is recommended to use Vendetta’s abilities on the defensive.

Placing the attack pods closer to the enemy’s gate will give the enemy plenty of time and opportunities to shut them down, while also making Vendetta an easy target.

Vendetta’s Attack Pods are best on the defensive and taking control of an area of ​​the map. On a more open map like Quarry, they can be more effective spread out over different areas, dealing little, but not insignificant, damage to enemy operatives in many places on the map.


It is recommended to use Vendetta’s primary weapon to fire at agents or targets during the cooldown of their attack pods to make their turns more efficient. With a 2 second cooldown, Vendetta can fire 2 shots while waiting for her next attack pod to be ready.

While Vendetta’s ability requires more thought and is more situational, her Scattergun is still useful for taking out operatives and taking targets due to its high damage output. However, being a shotgun, it needs to be close to its target. But the payoff for the damage is incredibly good.

Lemnis Gate Vendetta Guide
Credit: Frontier Developments

With its high damage output, the Scattergun can also do quick target work, however keep in mind that it needs to be close enough to deal significant damage.

Vendetta players need to be careful when placing their turrets as they have a lot of inconvenience when setting them up, but proper placement and efficient use of their Scattergun can make Vendetta very effective at dealing a lot of damage to operatives. We hope you enjoyed this Lemnis Gate guide for Vendetta.

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