Life is Strange Remastered Collection Delayed

Video game developers Deck Nine tweeted yesterday, informing the Life is Stange community of upcoming releases and delays as a result of lightening the load on the Life is Strange team, the Life is Strange Remastered collection will be delayed until early 2022.

In an update tweeted yesterday by the Life is Strange team, they made sure to inform fans: “However, due to the current challenges of the global pandemic, we want to relieve any additional pressure on the Life is Strange team.“Due to the release of Life is Strange; True colors and life is strange; Wavelength DLC, there is overwhelming support from the Life is Strange fanbase.

Welcome to Haven! Use the power of emotions drawn from pain and joy that you will go through as Alex, the empath. See the world through its beautiful colors and discover the secrets of Haven Springs with a whole new twist.

  • Life is Strange: True Colors will be released on September 10.
  • Pre-orders are available now.

Light up the On-Air sign and step into the life of Steph Gingrich, hosting a radio show at KRCT in Haven Springs. Live through their eyes and hear the wavelengths of the beautiful way Life is Strange tells its stories across 4 seasons, relationships, and of course secrets.

  • Life is strange; The Wavelengths DLC will be released on September 30.

Above all, the award-winning series is back! In addition, Nintendo will join the list of consoles on which Life is Strange will be playable. To list, we get a new cast, a beautiful new soundtrack, and a story that has a way of putting players in and through a variety of emotions.

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