Mass Effect 2: Everything You Need to Know About Max Level

BioWare’s sci-fi franchise is a beloved series with a rather strange method of leveling up. All games require a second run to reach max level, and you need to adhere to basic XP gathering techniques along the way. This guide will cover everything you need to know to reach the max level in Mass Effect 2.

What is the maximum level in Mass Effect 2?

The maximum level in Mass Effect 2 is 30. The first Mass Effect game started with a level cap of 60, however the new Legendary mode in the base game lowered it to 30, so all three games now operate with the level cap. same maximum level.

Mass Effect 2 requires the import of a ME1 character. Your starting level in ME2 will depend on the level of your ME1 character.

Starting levels for imported Mass Effect characters

ME1 import ME2 level
Import a level 1-49 character Launch Mass Effect 2 at level 2
Import a character from level 50-59 Launch Mass Effect 2 at Level 3
Import a level 60 character Launch Mass Effect 2 at level 5
mass effect 2 shepard

Squad Points

Each player starts Mass Effect 2 with two squad points and another two points are earned after each level until they pass level 20. After level 21, they will receive one point per level up to level 30.

Throughout the game, you will receive a total of 51 squad points for 30 levels. This total includes bonus points for earning the loyalty of squad members.

You can also use points to obtain Shepard’s powers and abilities.

How to level up quickly

To level up quickly and reach the max level, there are some basic tasks that you can perform to easily rack up XP throughout the game.

  • Complete all side missions and mining tasks on all planets.
  • Open boxes
  • Unlock doors
  • Get information from Codex
  • Talk to all the characters

Resisting the use of Medi-gel is also beneficial for gaining XP, as you receive 450 XP for each one you collect when your stock is full.

Additional XP can also be accumulated in the final mission, simply by leaving the elevator in the Citadel and killing the Geth Destroyers. Eradicating waves of Geth or Caspin in UNC missions, as well as destroying rocket drones in Bring Down the Sky will also rack up XP.

A useful strategy to follow during Mako missions is to reduce the health of enemies with the vehicle and then kill them in person. Using this combination will give your bag more XP, rather than choosing to wipe them out with the vehicle.

mass effect 2 john shepard

Reaching the maximum level

Massive effect

Reaching max level in Mass Effect is now easier due to the reduced level 30 cap in the new Legendary mode, which will get you to max level in no time. However, the amount of XP earned in this mode is the same.

Mass effect 2

To get the maximum XP in Mass Effect 2, you will need to start by importing a Mass Effect character. You will also have to enjoy a second game. You will start the second race lower than the first, but earning XP in the second wave is much easier. Completing each main mission, side mission and killing all enemies will yield the maximum XP.

Mass effect 3

Similarly, to start leveling up in Mass Effect 3, you’ll need to import a Mass Effect 2 character. Ensuring you collect Medi-gel with a full stock will be crucial here, as well as completing all of the DLC along with the main missions. .

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