Metro Exodus: Locations of All Collectibles

The 4A Games FPS title has a vast catalog of collectibles throughout its narrative. There are 105 collectible locations spread across the ten chapters of the game, made up of 71 journal pages, 21 postcards, and various Artyom Suit upgrades. The game offers a collectible tracker in each chapter, but in case you miss any, this guide will show you each collectible location in Metro Exodus to complete 100%.


Metro-Exodus moscow
4A games
  • 10 diary pages
  • 2 postcards

Journal Page 1 – Half Ripped Notebook

After defeating your first enemy of the level, the half-torn notebook can be found on the right side of a candlelit desk inside an alcove.

Journal Page 2 – Patient File

After being attacked by Watchmen, you will be rescued and taken to a clinic. After a cutscene, you will wake up to use Artyom. The Patient File journal page can be found on the desktop to your right.

Journal Page 3 – Dusty Journal

Within the same apartment, you will find a bedroom with a sofa and a nightstand next to it. The Dusty Diary is on the nightstand.

Journal Page 4 – Shopping List

When you go with Anna to the mall, Watchmen will attack you. Once the conflict is over, look for a body that will open a door on the left side of the area. This corpse will have the shopping list.

Journal Page 5 – Note from Shura

Take the escalator down to a crashed blue bus in the lobby of the mall. Shura’s note will be next to a skeleton on the bus.

Journal Page 6 – Crumpled Letter

Once you cross the bridge with Anna, wait for the scene to pass after being captured. You will wake up in a hole and have to crawl forward under some logs. The crumpled letter will be with a corpse in the snow.

Page 7 of the diary – Official note

During your fight at the military base, a computer station will go off. Locate this machine after the conflict to get the Official Note.

Diary Page 8 – Memo

Once you cross the courtyard, you will find a red door. Go to the hangar to find an oven and a desk. The Memo is on the desk.

Journal page 9 – Official letter

After rescuing Yermak, you will board one train and then another. In the second train, lower the enemy through the window and into the car. Keep left and you will find a desk with the Official Letter.

Journal Page 10 – Crumpled Note

The last Journal Page of this chapter will be in the train car behind the machine gun. The Crumbled Note will be to the right of the entrance in a pile of boxes.

Postcard 1

Before proceeding through the green door to speak with Anna and the colonel, you will find the first postcard in a green box on your right.

Postcard 2

Once you are outside with Anna, you will go through an abandoned apartment. Go down the first flight of stairs to see a hallway and an open door. Go through the kitchen door and the postcard will be by the window.


winter exodus metro
4A games
  • 1 journal page

Journal page 1: survey report

After Anna finishes talking to Alyosha, head downstairs and you will find the Survey Report in a box.

The volga

metro exodus the volga
4A games
  • 13 diary pages
  • 5 postcards
  • 8 costume upgrades

Journal Page 1 – Moldy Record

Locate the abandoned boat on an island north of Aurora. You will find a body on a mattress with the Moldy Log.

Diary Page 2

After Anna gets trapped, head right from the entrance and turn right again to reach a locked cell. Break the lock and the journal will be near the bed.

Diary Page 3 – Blurred Note

When you are inside the Krest mansion, locate the south side of the house and head to the basement. A faded note is on the shelf.

Journal Page 4 – Folded Letter

In the bandit camp, the caged prisoners will have the journal of folded letters.

Journal page 5: sturdy envelope

Next to marker “5”, the sturdy envelope will be inside an abandoned vehicle.

Journal Page 6 – Notice Degraded

You will find the weather warning inside the front room of the gas station on the shelf.

Diary Page 7

Head to the wooden sniper location at the top of the warehouse, where the diary page can be found.

Diary Page 8 – Bandit’s Note

Travel to the island marked “8” and the bandit’s note will be on a nearby bandit corpse.

Diary Page 9

Locate the car safe house east of the bridge. You will find a journal page inside the house.

Journal Page 10 – Tick Ledger

You will find the thick ledger in the room with the catfish levers.

Journal Page 11 – Dusty Notebook

Look for a shipping container by the water to find the Dust Workbook on the table.

Diary Page 12 – Bloodstained Diary

Near marker “12”, you can find the bloodstained journal inside a shed on a bookshelf shelf.

Journal Page 13 – Patient Ledger

Take a boat to the abandoned clinic on the island. Inside the clinic, you will find a room with a person hanging in it. The patient’s ledger will be on the desk.

Postcard 1

When you undertake your first worship mission, you will find the postcard at the worship base. Go through the kitchen and take the ladder to the bunk room. On the right, you will see the postcard on the wall.

Postcard 2

Go to the safe house on top of the Krest crane. Next to the back door, you will find the postcard.

Postcard 3

See page 9 of the diary

Postcard 4

Before dealing with the passenger train, enter the safe house and take the postcard on the wall.

Postcard 5

During the final mission on The Volga, locate a set of ascending stairs to your left while you are tasked with lowering the bridge. Go to the bedroom to the right of the stairs and you will see the postcard on the wall.

Costume Upgrade 1 – Compass

Go north of Aurora to locate the crashed plane. The compass can be found in the cockpit.

Suit update 2: extended padding

On shore, look for the closed shipping container. Locate the door and enter to find the Extended Filler update on the desktop.

Suit Upgrade 3 – Ammo Bags

Enter the bandit camp from the west entrance and turn right. Ammo bags will be in some boxes.

Costume Update 4: Throwing Weapon Harness

The Throwing Weapon Harness Upgrade can be found inside the Gas Station.

Suit Upgrade 5 – Night Vision

Free the prisoners from The Lair’s bandit camp to obtain a key. Use the key to open the first locked door in the camp to find the Night Vision upgrade.

Suit Upgrade 6 – Metal Detector

Find the shack located on the shoreline near the railroad track and the metal detector upgrade will be on the desk with the clocks.

Costume Upgrade 7: Reinforced Helmet

Locate the bandit camp north of Bandit Depot and enter the ruined building. Find the room that is still upright to get the Reinforced Helmet upgrade.

Suit Upgrade 8 – Battery Charge Controller

Travel to the inhabited island where you will have to solve a puzzle inside a shed in the southwest corner. Use the jerrycan under the window to start the generator, press the switch on the left side, and go through the door. The first room will take you to a ramp that will take you to the roof. Go through the hole in the ceiling and load the switch panel. Go back to the first room with the switches and press the right switch. Open the door to find the battery charge controller update.


spring exodus subway
4A games
  • 1 journal page

Journal Page 1 – Letter from Nastya

On the passenger train, head to the right of the sleeper car to find a couple of bunks to the right of the aisle. Nastya’s letter will be on the table.


4A games
  • 6 journal pages
  • 2 postcards

Diary Page 1

After the cannibal scene, take the elevator to the floor that Miller gave you. Go through the metal detector and the journal will be on the desk to your left.

Diary Page 2

Stop by the kitchen and morgue to locate some shelves that you must pass through. After the shelves, turn right and turn on the light switch. The journal page will be sitting in the water bowl.

Diary Page 3

After entering the hallway with red lights after the conduit, turn right at the end and climb up some boxes. The journal page will be next to a box by candlelight.

Journal page 4 – Clerk’s Journal n. 1

Eradicate the machine gun operator and clear the room. Enter the room with an orange skull next to the door and you will find the officer’s journal on a body to your left.

Journal page 5 – Journal of the officer n. 2

In the room with Anna, go through the double doors to the elevator at the end. The second mate’s journal will be on the barrel next to the elevator.

Journal page 6 – Journal of the officer n. 3

Follow the crew out of the control room and into the elevator. The third officer’s journal will be in a box with some drums.

Postcard 1

Follow the steps on page 2 of the journal. The postcard will be on the wall in front of you.

Postcard 2

After rescuing Anna, a postcard can be found on the wall to the left of the double doors.

The Caspian

4A games
  • 12 diary pages
  • 5 postcards
  • 5 costume upgrades

Journal Page 1: First Officer Journal

Travel to the slave ship by the lighthouse and enter. Go up the stairs and navigate to the right to find the First Mate’s Journal on the table.

Journal page 2: Letter from the leader

Take the ladder inside the slave ship at the end of the hall, kill the thugs and go up the stairs. Take the ladder next to the spoke table and the Leader’s Letter will be on the table.

Page 3 of the diary: Letter to the son

Take the cave to the lighthouse and kill the thugs to get the Letter to the Son from the corpse against the wall.

Journal page 4: Memo

After following Giul to the bunker, drop down a hole in the ground. Walk forward into the office you dropped into, move to the double doors and hang left. The Memo will be in the first cubicle.

Journal page 5: image analysis

Duck through the door Damir says is locked in the bunker and the image analysis diary will be in the room.

Journal page 6: Last order

Head towards the door with the green light on it in the map room. You will find Last Order’s journal on a table surrounded by skeletons.

Journal Page 7: Journal Fragments

In transit from the bunker to Aurora, fill in the question mark and sail to the Hermit in the boat marked “7”. You will find the diary fragments in the Hermit’s room.

Journal page 8: letter from the baron

Head towards marker “8” while traveling to the Oasis. Baron’s Letter will be next to the truck outside the entrance.

Journal page 9: Death Note

Navigate inside the area where the truck is and find the rope ladder. Go up and the Death Note will be in the cannon in front.

Page 10 of the diary: Letter to the artist

Follow Damir and slide down to the path below. Turn left down the ramp and walk to the lookout point. The Letter to the Artist will be in a box.

Journal Page 11: Shopping List

Locate the oil tanker on the shoreline near the bandit camp. Find the tank truck control room and the shopping list will be there.

Journal Page 12: Charred Note

Navigate to the bandit camp south of the tanker and locate the ladder south of the fire. Go up the ladder and you can find the charred note in a box.

Postcard 1

Take Artyom, get off the train and head south towards an abandoned building. Next to the entrance you will find the first postcard.

Postcard 2

Use the elevator to visit Giul at the lighthouse. The postcard will be in the door frame at the top of the lighthouse.

Postcard 3

Locate the rusted ship’s cabin in the Oasis. Inside you can find a postcard.

Postcard 4

Follow the location on page 11 of the journal.

Postcard 5

Enter the last hangar in the airport and kill the ghouls. A postcard can be found in a stack of boxes on the back wall.

Armor Upgrade 1: Movement Scanner

Head to the slave ship in the northwest. Go up the stairs to the main deck and enter the room at the top of the second staircase. The Motion Scanner is on the table to your right.

Armor Upgrade 2: Extra Bright Lantern

Visit the abandoned ship southwest of the lighthouse. The flashlight will be inside the cabin on top of a box.

Armor Upgrade 3: Armored Glass

Follow the steps on page 9 of the journal

Armor Upgrade 4: NVD Amplifier

Visit the ATC tower at the airport, where you will find the Amplifier.

Armor Upgrade 5: Consumable Carrier

Cruise up the cliff next to the collapsed oil refinery. Follow the path that goes down until you stop at the cave. The consumable transporter will be inside the cave.


summer subway exodus
4A games
  • 1 journal page

Journal page 1: Tokarev’s Note

After the scene with Anna, head to the back of the train to the last car. Tokarev’s note can be found on a workbench.

The taiga

4A games
  • 18 diary pages
  • 5 postcards

Diary Page 1

There is a note sticking out of a bolt in the fence in front of the starter building.

Journal page 2: letter not sent

Take the path to the mansion and walk towards the statue. Visit the school to the right of the statue and the unsent letter will be on the first desk.

Journal Page 3: Note to Toddlers

Once you cross the pirate bridge, turn right and enter the house in front of two statues of children. Visit the room on the right with a teddy bear on the table and the note will be next to it.

Journal page 4: Solemn Oath

Visit the water tower near the mentioned house and climb to the top to find the solemn oath.

Journal Page 5: Dusty Journal

Use the zip line of the water tower to reach the bridge and go down the road until you come across a wooden tower. The dusty journal will be in a box.

Journal Page 6: Alchemist Record

Visit the tree house and use the zip line to cross the water. Go up the hill and enter the hut to find the alchemist’s record.

Journal Page 7: Lost Journal

Get back on the trail and visit the fishing cabin in the north. Enter the cabin on your right and the Lost Journal will be in a box.

Journal Page 8: Dusty Notebook

Get back on the road and locate the cave on the cliff. The cave will house a hut with the dusty notebook.

Diary page 9: calligraphic note

After being captured, you will kill some pirates in a tower. On the left there will be a farm and the house has a blue barrel outside with the note.

Journal Page 10 – Scribbled Note

Visit the ground level building in the bandit camp and the note will be inside.

Journal Page 11: Worn Letter

Take the zip line from the bandit camp to the river and walk alongside it until you find an opening in the wall. The letter will be in a box.

Journal Page 12: Crumpled Note

Go deeper into the cave to find a corpse with the crumpled Letter.

Journal Page 13: Dirty Journal

Go through the bandit camp to the east gate and turn right as you walk down the road. Follow this path to find a tent with a corpse on a table. The newspaper will be at your side.

Journal Page 14: Hunter’s Journal

Use the marker to get to the cemetery and a corpse will have the diary in front of the door.

Journal Page 15: Worn Note

Locate the boat at the end of a path leading out of the cemetery. As you go down the path, you will see a lookout that has the note inside.

Journal page 16: Folded note

Find the boat at the other end of the bandit camp and go through the gate with two oars. The folded note will be on the desk in the first room.

Journal Page 17: Letter Soaked in Blood

Look for the red door on the dam and the letter will be on the corpse in front of you.

Page 18 of the diary: Unfinished letter

After meeting Alyosha at the dam, head outside and visit house number 34. The letter can be found on the table.

Postcard 1

At the beginning of the level, visit the old shack on the right and look for the room in the back. The first postcard is on the shelf.

Postcard 2

Go through the school and the statue until you reach the pirate bridge. Turn left to descend and find the hollowed-out tree next to the police station. Visit the library area of ​​the police station and the postcard is on the shelf.

Postcard 3

Find the bandit camp on the other side of the cave and visit the house on top of a hill on the west side of the camp. You will find the third postcard in that house.

Postcard 4

Upon reaching the island in your stolen boat, locate the shed on the west side. Activate the generator and enter the mill. Make sure the elevator is on before taking it to the roof, where you will find the postcard in the Admiral’s room.

Postcard 5

This postcard is in the same place as page 18 of the newspaper.


autumn exodus subway
4A games
  • 1 journal page

Journal page 1: Katya’s note

After obtaining the Artyom, go through your room and locate the area with the armor. Katya’s note will be on the workbench.

The dead city

Metro-Exodus the dead city
4A games
  • 8 diary pages
  • 2 postcards

Journal Page 1: Radiogram Transcript

Locate the room with hanging cages in the sewers and the transcript will be on the desk.

Journal Page 2: Degraded Report

Ride with Miller on the subway until you reach the control room. The report is on the desk.

Journal page 3: Orders

After chasing after the boy and meeting the commanding officer, you will arrive at Kirill’s safe house and the page is on the board in front of you.

Journal page 4: Notebook

Take the stairs from the safe house and walk down the hall to the train. You will find the notebook on the train seat to your right.

Journal Page 5: Spent Journal

Take the rowboat to the first dock and enter the room. You will find a door that you will have to go through and climb through the knocked down lockers to get to the next room. The journal will be on the desk.

Journal page 6: gold note

Follow Anna up the escalator and go right. Go through the green door and the note is on the desk.

Journal Page 7: Dusty Notebook

Locate a tank in the snow and go down the hole next to it. Turn left and walk until you reach a dead end and the notebook will be on a dead body.

Journal Page 8: Shopping List

After avoiding the blind, go further inside the hospital until you can go down to another building. Go ahead and on the right side of the room, you will see a door opened by a corpse. Go through the door and go down the stairs below. The list will be behind the blue door.

Postcard 1

Follow the mutant tunnel in the subway and the first postcard is in a locker in the first room.

Postcard 2

At Kirill’s safe house, the postcard is on the stone pillar next to the sniper rifle.

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