Metroid Dread Report Vol. 6 Details New Abilities in Gamescom Trailer

The Gamescom trailer for Metroid Dread has dropped and shows us a host of new and recurring abilities that Samus will have in the next game. The Chozo also appears heavily in the trailer, shown in combat with Samus.

Pulse radar

Pulse Radar is similar to the Scan Pulse that was introduced in Metroid: Samus Returns. Like the original, it scans the surrounding areas of Samus and reveals nearby blocks that can be destroyed.

Metroid Dread abilities
Credit: Nintendo

Flash switch

Flash Shift is a running ability that allows Samus to travel a set distance forward or backward in an instant. It is incredibly useful for traversing areas and dodging enemies.

Based on the gameplay footage, it appears to be quite similar to the board ability in Hollow Knight, for those who want a comparison to another game (which is also a Metroidvania).

Metroid Dread abilities
Credit: Nintendo

Flash Shift seems to be a very interesting ability that modernizes combat in Metroid games. However, from the looks of it, it temporarily flushes Aeion’s meter before it is refilled to its original amount, meaning it cannot be used in conjunction with other Aeion abilities.

Storm missile

Storm Missile looks quite similar to the Seeker Missile introduced in the Metroid Prime games. It seems to work in a similar way: it fixes on multiple targets and launches missiles at them.

Metroid Dread abilities
Credit: Nintendo

The difference here, however, is that a barrage of missiles is fired at the targets rather than just firing a single missile for each fixed target.

Cross bomb

The cross bomb, in simplest terms, is like a Bomberman-like ability that detonates a bomb that explodes in all four directions.

Grab beam

The Grapple Beam returns, allowing Samus to grab onto certain grip points to swing through obstacles and also draw aspects of the environment towards her, blasting paths or flipping switches.

Metroid Dread abilities
Credit: Nintendo

In Metroid Dread, however, it appears to have a similar function to Clawshot from The Legend of Zelda, as it allows Samus to grab onto the grab point.

Ice missiles

The ice missiles are coming back again. These have a freezing effect, and Samus can easily destroy frozen enemies with a follow attack. Also, some enemies can be frozen for use as platforms.

Speed ​​Booster and Shinespark

Making a return is the Speed ​​Booster. This allows Samus to run at high speed, breaking through obstacles and damaging enemies in his path. Think of it as the Juggernaut ability.

When Samus is in her Speed ​​Boost state, she can launch herself in any direction she chooses, allowing her to travel in a straight line for long distances.

Screw attack

And finally, we have the Screw Attack, perhaps Metroid’s most iconic ability. With this ability, Samus performs a spinning jump where he surrounds himself with powerful energy that damages enemies and breaks certain obstacles.

Credit: Nintendo

Many more updates are likely to be acquired in the game, including updates to Samus’s costume, as the trailer shows the appearance of her costume changing appearance throughout the game. Metroid Dread will be released worldwide on October 8.

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