Midnight Ghost Hunt August 13th Alpha Announced

It’s been quite a while since we last heard about the prop hunting game, Midnight Ghost Hunt. Nothing has been mentioned since March, after the February alpha release. But Midnight Ghost Hunt is getting a new alpha this Friday the 13th, along with new additions to the game. The alpha will run until August 15.

Midnight Ghost Hunt: New Maps

There are 2 new maps that will be included in this alpha: Ghost Ship and School. If you ask me, the second sounds scarier.

Pirate Ship appears to be an abandoned pirate ship in a cove. Or just a tourist attraction that is being haunted. Either way, it is a perfect setting for this game.

Alpha Midnight Ghost Hunt
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

In the video shown, ghosts can possess the ship’s cannon and shoot ghost hunters, giving them a meaningful offensive option. However, it should be noted that ghosts will likely remain vulnerable to damage as long as they own a cannon.

Meanwhile, school takes place on a graduation night.

Alpha Midnight Ghost Hunt
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

Looks like someone has been summoning spirits on graduation night! What happened to all the students and staff? Hunters, brace yourselves and find out what eerie shenanigans unfolded on that fateful night. Ghosts, never let the hunters go and bury the secrets with them!

This hellish high school has a quaint ’80s charm, and fans of our classic Mansion map are sure to enjoy hiding in these narrow hallways and hidden ledges.

Oh, and there is a disco ball that you can own. That’s pretty cool I guess.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Dev Blog

Midnight Ghost Hunt: New Weapons

Two new weapons will be added to the game: Salt Shotgun and Frostbite.

For those who do not know, salt has great significance in many religions for a long time. Salt is believed to be used to keep evil spirits or demons away.

Alpha Midnight Ghost Hunt
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

The double-barreled shotgun in the game throws salt shakers. Being a shotgun, it will be very effective at close range.

As for the Frostbite, it is a machine gun weapon that shoots supercooled shards. It is capable of stopping a possessed accessory in its tracks, although I imagine its damage output will pale in comparison to the other weapons.

Alpha Midnight Ghost Hunt
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

Midnight Ghost Hunt: New Gadgets

And finally, there are 3 new devices in the new Alpha from Midnight Ghost Hunt: Spectrophone, Vacuum and C4.

The Spectrophone allows you to detect ghosts in front of you. It is similar to the Radar device, which detects how close you are to a ghost. However, the Spectrophone only gives you one address.

Alpha Midnight Ghost Hunt
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

If you have a teammate with a radar, you can use both to determine the exact position of a ghost.

The Void has separated from the Spectral Cannon. Previously, if you had a spectral cannon, you also had the void, which is used to suck up ghost remains, much like Luigi’s Mansion or Ghost Busters.

Alpha Midnight Ghost Hunt
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

Now Vacuum is its own device. Not sucking up ghosts allows other ghosts to revive you, so it’s a useful tool to make sure the ghost stays dead.

The C4 can be attached to walls, accessories, and even ghosts, dealing significant area of ​​effect damage.

Alpha Midnight Ghost Hunt
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

Midnight Ghost Hunt: New Ghost Skills

Ghost Hunters aren’t the only ones with new toys to play with. Ghost has been granted five new abilities.

Embrace of death
Death Grip is an ability to catch hunters. If hunters walk over the trap, ghostly arms will grab them from below and hold them in place until they break. Excellent for losing a tail or holding a hunter in place before hitting him on the head with a lamp.

The spawn spawns a fake ghost that will run in a random direction. This is great for a quick distraction during a getaway.

(Renovated) Elf
Poltergeist has been redesigned into an entirely new ability: you can now chase after an object, causing it to float menacingly. If a hunter gets close to the floating object, it will be thrown at the hunter automatically. However, a shot at the floating object will make it fall harmless. Combines very well with Corruptor.

The old Poltergeist is now called Telekinesis. This still allows you to remotely load accessories to deal damage, only with a few bug fixes and general aiming improvements.

Tricksters can select any prop and move it to a specific location, making the moving prop appear to be possessed by a Ghost player. Extremely good at causing a distraction and even blocking incoming shots.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Dev Blog

More Features

The developer blog also lists some new features to make the experience smoother, like adding support for team and group mapping. Basically, if you queue up with friends, you will stay on the same team.

Midnight ghost hunt
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

There is an expanded tutorial and practice game for new players, or players who want an update on how the game works.

See full details on the Midnight Ghost Hunt Developer Blog. There is currently no news on the Midnight Ghost Hunt release date, but we can at least enjoy this alpha for now.

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