New Valorant Map ‘Fracture’ Revealed by Riot

Welcome to Fracture, the seventh map of Valorant! With its new design and unique visual, Fracture transports players deeper into the conflict between the twin worlds. From the appearance of two attackers to the ziplines that sweep across the map, Fracture will challenge your game and your strategies in exciting new ways! The map will be released in patch 3.05, probably on September 8.

Here’s everything we know about it!

Key features of the fracture

Fracture will be known for its particular H shape that allows attackers to start the round on two opposite sides of the map at the same time, while defenders will appear in the center of the map, right in the middle of the two worlds.

Having two sides to attack / defend each site was a challenge in the early playtests. ”Said George Sokol, Principal Environmental Artist for Valorant “This led us to give each quadrant of the map a different visual identity so that players can have a better sense of direction and help with clear labels..

It will be easy for players to adapt to this map thanks to the well-thought-out design of the two sites: One site is distinguished by its arid, desert environment with its abandoned facilities deteriorating, while Site B contrasts with lush, overgrown foliage taking over. scientific facilities.

Wide angle view of the new Valorant map

The building in the middle of the map, where the defenders will likely appear at the start of the round, is where the center collider is located and just above where players can zip-line across the map. The zip lines will connect the two sides of the map, allowing players to easily rotate from one side to the other.

Fracture will also bring another new item to Valorant. It will be the first map with interactive objects placed all over the map. There is no information yet on what these items are or how they will affect gameplay and agent choice, but they will certainly be very influential in player choices on which site to attack and which weapon to use.

One more thing! There are 10 Tac-Bears hidden throughout the map. Good luck finding you players (and observers)!

Lore and history

Bird's-eye view of the new Valorant map

David Nottingham, Valorant’s creative director, described Fracture’s role as crucial to the timeline of the conflict taking place on the two Earths. For this reason, Valorant’s department invested in visual and environmental storytelling to help curious players unravel the mysterious conflict taking place on the new map.

Fracture will be the first map released after exposure to Mirror Earth and after the Duality cinematic. Fracture will help players better understand the mirror and both realms, giving them a deeper look at the conflict at stake between the two.

Preview the fracture

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