Newzoo Announces Esports Trends to Watch in 2021

Recently, market research firm Newzoo released its e-sports trends to watch out for in 2021. Newzoo has established itself as one of the most trusted, if not the most trusted, marketplace sources for analysis, trends, reports, etc. The report focuses on 5 key trends that will shape the esports market throughout the year and possibly beyond:

The biggest esports trends in 2021

  1. Mobile gaming already accounts for nearly 50% of the global gaming market, it was only a matter of time before that carried over to esports. In a gaming area that has historically been dominated by PC games like CS: GO and Dota 2, mobile esports such as PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire have entered the top five most-watched esports titles overall. , even surpassing the tastes of the greats. name of PC games mentioned in the maximum viewer count.
  2. Esports organizations will continue to expand their business operations and revenue streams. In the beginning, esports organizations and teams were modeled after traditional sports organizations, which is fine, but the market and audience are different for the most part. Since then, these organizations have focused more efforts on building lifestyle brands based on clothing associations and content creators to bring their personalities closer to their audience and build a broader connection with their fan bases. By adding content creators to their organizations, teams can leverage creators’ reach and audience to generate new partnerships and sponsorships, while creators gain the back-office and administrative capabilities of organizations they may not otherwise have. they would have access.
  3. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented traditional sports from holding events and, at first, from happening entirely. With this, sports organizations needed to look elsewhere to connect with their fans and continue to grow their audience base. A wave of traditional sports teams has entered the world of esports through partnerships, collaborations, investment opportunities, and various other experiments. In recent years, we have already seen many renowned athletes enter esports through investment or their own streaming and content creation, as the world slowly tries to get back to normal, specifically in terms of sports, It will be interesting to see how the two industries continue to not only coexist, but mutually benefit.
  4. With the travel restrictions expected to be in place for most of 2021 at the very least, the large international tournaments that once dominated the esports industry will morph into a regional league game after the positive results so far. If it continues to be successful, this change may become permanent with a smaller focus on international travel and a larger focus on league-based play and regional competition.
  5. The latest trend that is not directly dealing with esports is that streaming platforms that have been used primarily for gaming content will be used even more for non-gaming content. That already started during the pandemic when lockdown measures prohibited people from being together, so they needed new ways to interact, and companies and brands needed to find new ways to connect with their consumers. Twitch and Youtube became the best places to host concerts, political events, live shows, or even just a platform for like-minded people to get together and talk.


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