Peter Dun: “I don’t think it was C9 being too good for us…We kind of just beat ourselves.”

With a chance to advance into the bottom bracket of the 2021 LCS Championship, Evil Geniuses were swept by Cloud9 three games to none to be eliminated, knocking them out of contention for the last vacant NA World Championship spot.

In a series plagued with high expectations due to the close parity both teams displayed in the regular season, EG was greatly disappointed as their trademark split-push style of play was reversed by C9 in three games of less than 30 minutes.

Even when EG entered this series with the best season in the organization’s history and was one win away from qualifying for the World Cup, they couldn’t summon the same magic against the defending champions. It was a circumstance that EG head coach Peter Dun regretted after the series in an exclusive interview with Gamezo. In addition to the elimination of the team, Dun spoke about how the team will advance through 2022, who will win the LCS Championship, and who will secure NA’s third and final seed for the World Cup.

Thanks for taking the time for this interview, Peter. First I would like to know the general mentality of the team right now after this series.

Peter Dun: Obviously it’s a very disappointing loss. I’m not disappointed that we lost the series. I’m disappointed that we didn’t come out to play today. I felt like we weren’t really playing our style. I think the way EG plays the game is that we play a very high stakes, paced style of play, the kind that says if a person dies, it doesn’t matter. We’re just going to trade for something on the other side of the map and there’s a confidence among the team that if we mess up, it doesn’t matter because someone else will get something else. Obviously, it’s a fine line of balance where it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t.

In the series against 100T, it worked well and it wasn’t the best, but today, we didn’t even play the game, so that’s what’s disappointing. It is acceptable to lose, but it is not acceptable to lose the way we lost and I can’t help but be disappointed by that.

As he described, it was quite a disappointing performance from his players, but still, you guys were ahead in some respects throughout the series and it didn’t seem like the team’s mentality was completely in tatters. What made you believe that the mentality of the team was not up to par with this series?

Peter Dun: To be clear, I don’t want to blame our players for this because the coaching staff has to take a lot of the blame to make sure our players have the right mindset. But if you compare how we play today to how we play 100T and DIG in the regular season, we are pushing the pace, we are forcing the enemy team to make decisions, right? But here, we were never in a position to force the enemy team to make decisions, so we didn’t force any mistakes and basically let C9 strangle us.

To give an example, in Game 3, we had a competition that wants to collapse from the side lane to the center lane, and we had to Jhin to facilitate that kind of thing, right? But we don’t use Jhin’s ultimate once in the entire game until the very end to clear minions in our base. To be clear, that’s not up to Danny. It’s a team jerk, right? We need to play on the wing, we need to collapse in the middle and we need to use our Jhin ultimate, but we never had a chance to do that and that’s disappointing.

Everyone can have a bad day at the office, but I wish they would screw us more so that we could say ‘C9 was the best team’, but we had a 3k-4k gold advantage in most games and we just stopped. playing the game when it was about the middle of the game. I’m not quite sure why (that was the case). I have to go back and listen to our voice communications again, but we just stopped playing and that’s disappointing.

Speaking of those comps, in Game 2 you selected Morgana for Jiizuke, which is similar to what 100T did at the beginning in the summer division. What was the idea behind that composition and how did it not end well against C9?

Peter Dun: Actually, I think it turned out really well. So I can go into more detail, but basically in Game 1, we saw that Perkz and Fudge were playing in the same lane a lot trying to take out Jiizuke or Impact, so we could see that they were specifically playing through side lanes to choose from. our division pushes a lot. I think that was the goal of what C9 played against us today.

It was to pick champions like Nocturne and Gangplank, who can soak up the pressure on the side and wait until LeBlanc on the other side can push towards the Nocturne and then engage the person who is pushing towards the GP. When we saw that, we had ideas of how C9 could have adapted their play style to face us because that’s how they normally play, but we knew this was something they could try to do. We think, ‘Okay, so what can we do about it? Okay, let’s pick a champion who plays really well in one or two lanes and let’s just go halfway and force C9 to make a decision, “and this was the reason Morgana was chosen.

With that champion, Jiizuke can be with Danny in the same lane together and we wanted to prevent C9 from making side selections and fight us 4v4 in the center lane. It worked for much of the game until that fight right before Baron where I think Lee Sin survived with 100 HP and died, Viego fully reboots through his entire team, but managed to survive and C9 then besieged us. took Baron and the game was over.

(Play Dun quoted starts at 30:09)

That was the idea behind the selection of Morgana. We chose him at LeBlanc because he has full priority from the start. It protects your supercharger in mid-game or late-game teamfights, and allows him to push and roam in a manner similar to Zoe, Neeko, Ryze, or TF. You push and make plays in the side lane, which he did in that game because LeBlanc couldn’t do much against Morgana.

I appreciate that you explain to me how each game happened. Now, looking at the whole year, he has had a stellar season with his players. About two or three of them were selected for All-Pro teams, their coaching staff was selected as the best coaching staff for this summer, but it is difficult to balance that with today’s elimination as they obviously did not qualify for the World Cup. How will you see this year as a whole considering everything that happened within it?

Peter Dun: If you had asked me this question last week, I would have responded that we just had a bad day at the end and that we had a lot of positives to look forward to, but frankly, as a head coach, the fact that we can go out on stage and Playing like we did today makes me – I can’t help but have bad feelings about this year, right?

If we are an organization that was supposed to have the Split coaching staffHow can our team go out and play like this on stage in the last game of the season? We must have done something wrong in the past week, right? I don’t think C9 was too good for us. I don’t think C9 did anything special. We win over ourselves and the only thing I can do is go back to the offseason and see what we did wrong and what we have to fix for next year.

We definitely did a lot of things very well, but in the regular season, none of that matters to your playoff performance. We had a good series against DIG and we had an unfortunate series against 100T where I think we were a little below average but within range, you know? We played a very varied style of play and the level we showed against 100T was not out of that range. It was just below at the low end. But our performance today was even; I mean, in my worst nightmares I couldn’t imagine that we would play at this level today and we have to go back and find out what happened. I don’t think that we, as an organization with the players and coaching staff involved, have done ourselves justice today. As the head coach, I take full responsibility for that and we will come back and see what we could have done better.

Courtesy: Riot Games via ESPAT

However, you have built a solid foundation for the coming year. Despite only scratching the surface for that elusive place in the third world, you have Danny as that ADC in which many people are calling one of the next big stars of the LCS. Together with the hobby you have cultivated with EG Academy and EG Prodigies, how are you going to look at those three fronts for next year?

Peter Dun: Tomorrow, I’m going to, maybe I’ll take a day off, but I don’t think I’ll do it, but tomorrow, I’ll go straight to camp training. There is no rest for the wicked in the offseason. Obviously, I am very disappointed with how things have gone today, but my responsibility with EG is not just focused on the LCS team. I am very happy with the support I received from the organization and the confidence they have had in the development through the academy and the fans.

We had Danny from the amateur team, which was obviously the highlight for us, but also Contractz paved his way to the main team through his academy performances and I think he is now a better player than ever at any point in his career. . . He had a solid performance in the playoffs.

From being someone that people consider as a player who was on his last chance and should retire, I think he has become one of the best junglers in the league and a jungler that teams must respect and that is something of our academy. . team did so as a result of the coaches and support staff.

I am happy with the way we develop the talent in our portfolio. Again, the talent developed in the pipeline is not just for educating young players for the sake of doing it. It’s to find success at the LCS level, but today we couldn’t find it.

One last question before we finish this interview, Peter Dun: Since you will now watch the LCS from the couch, who do you think will win the LCS title and take third place in NA?

Peter Dun: As for how C9 would play against IMT or TSM, you have to back C9. They haven’t played well, but they found ways to win games and that’s what you need in a playoff situation.

As for who is going to win the league, TL had solved their problems, you know? I think the really smart thing about TL is that they copied some things from EG and adopted it into their game plan. They copied some things from TSM and C9 and adapted it to their own rather than writing off other teams as weaker. Because they have been able to assimilate all these ideas very quickly, I don’t see how another team can beat them in the playoffs because they can play your style better than many teams could do with theirs, and only by studying and learning, their style. . The race in these playoffs has been very positive.

If I have to make a prediction I’d say TL is number one, 100T is number two, and probably C9 is number three.

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