RuneScape 3 is Adding a Customizable Boss to Help Players Get Into Bossing

Last month, Jagex added the Elder God Wars Dungeon to RuneScape 3. The new God Wars Dungeon continues the story of the Elder Gods who try to remake the world, but our heroes try to stop it. Kerapac is the newest boss included in the first front of the dungeon. While Kerapac is a more traditional boss, the next boss, the Arch-Glacor, will become RuneScape’s most unique boss.

RuneScape 3 – The Glacor Front

The Glacor Front features the Elder God, Wen, and his army attacking the citadel on the southern front. Jagex has previously stated that Elder God Wars will not follow the traditional format of God Wars Dungeon 1 and God Wars Dungeon 2 (The Heart of Gielinor).

RuneScape Arch-Glacor Boss
Credit: Jagex

The Nodon Front, which features Kerapac, the Unbound, is the section of the Elder God Wars Dungeon that will be similar to its predecessors.

With the reveal of the Glacor Front and the boss that comes with it, we can see that it is drastically different from the previous front. The Arch-Glacor is destined to be the easiest boss in RuneScape and also one of the hardest.

The Arch-Glacor is scalable and customizable. There are 6 legendary wizards who help fight the Arch-Glacor by suppressing its powers. Each of them is responsible for containing a boss mechanic. This means that you can freely toggle any of the boss’s abilities that will be used in the fight.

RuneScape head arch-glacor
Credit: Willoway

Obviously, if you choose to have the boss not use any of its mechanics, it will be extremely easy to defeat and even easier than one of the easier bosses in RuneScape currently.

Of course, the rewards for fighting the boss without any of its mechanics will be less than if you choose to give the mages a break and allow the boss mechanics to participate in the fight.

Arch-Glacor mechanics

Each of the mechanics that Arch-Glacor has is intended to teach players the mechanics normally found in other boss fights. In this way, the Arch-Glacor is considered an entry-level boss that can help players get into PvMing (player versus monsters), as players can turn any of the mechanics on or off.

Credit: Jagex

Here’s a quick rundown of Arch-Glacor’s mechanics during the boss fight:

  • Creeping Ice: This mechanic teaches basic moves, and this one is always on, even if you have all other mechanics turned off. Ice shards will slowly approach from both sides and force players to enter a specific area of ​​the arena. This occurs before any of the other mechanics to teach players how to prepare for incoming attacks.
  • Glacyte Minions: This mechanic teaches ADDS (add monsters) handling skills and targeting. Like the original Glacors, the Arch-Glacor will spawn multiple Glacyte minions. The Arch-Glacor will be immune to damage until the Glacytes die.
  • Burst: This mechanic teaches the movement of the sentence and the reading of attack animations. The Arch-Glacor will switch between two different damage types with damage in its respective style. Players will need to switch (move) to the corresponding prayer protection to avoid most of the damage.
  • Ice Pillars: This mechanic teaches advanced moves and kite. The Arch-Glacor will force players aside and element beams will shoot out of the sky. It will follow the player, then splits in two to further harass the player on two sides. Being hit by the rafters will result in damage and prayer drain.
  • Front Cannon: This mechanic teaches shield switching and the use of defensive skills. The Arch-Glacor will turn into a cannon and fire a massive beam of icy energy at them. It is not available and players will need to mitigate the damage using a shield and defensive abilities.
  • Exposed Core: This mechanic teaches DPS controls and survival skills. The Arch-Glacor will drop its frozen core in the center of the arena and block both sides with its arms. The core will continuously deal damage that applies a cumulative debuff to players. Players will need to deal damage to either arm to get past them and escape the core’s area of ​​effect.

In Normal mode, the above mechanics (in addition to Creeping Ice) can be freely toggled on or off depending on what the player wants to learn or doesn’t want to deal with. Activating more mechanics will increase the rewards when the RuneScape boss dies. Rewards include new level 85 dual-wielded weapons and a new wing cosmetic.

Also, the boss can be grouped in normal mode, so you can bring as many players as you want to meet the boss. And if players die in the normal mode encounter, Azzanadra will safely teleport them, so it will always be certain death. Hardcore Ironmans will not lose a life.

Hard mode

The sixth change for Arch-Glacor is essentially a change between normal mode and hard mode. If players activate hard mode, all the above mechanics will be activated automatically, kills will no longer be safe, players will not be able to teleport, the boss can only be fought alone, and it will add additional changes that increase the difficulty.

The Hard Mode encounter also features a “copy and paste” of the Telos anger system. Telos is considered the most difficult solo boss monster in RuneScape. As with Telos, the Arch-Glacor will become more difficult based on its rage environment.

Credit: Jagex

The Arch-Glacor will have the same stripe system, in which players can give up claiming their loot and risk it. They will fight the Arch-Glacor again with greater fury and doing killstreaks will improve your loot.

However, with the increased difficulty and risks involved, the boss will have the opportunity to drop components to create the new level 95 dual-wielded melee weapons upgrading their level 85 counterpart.


The Glacor Front is expected to launch on Tuesday 31st August as Monday of that week is a UK bank holiday. The Arch-Glacor looks incredibly promising and we can expect it to help players get into PvM as well as being a considerable challenge even for seasoned players.

After the Glacor Front, there will be two more sections of the Elder God Wars Dungeons, and it will be interesting to see what Jagex has in store for them, considering that they will be different in their own way as well.

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