Stardew Valley Auto-Grabber – Everything You Need to Know

Life on the farm can be a difficult task, both in real life and in the game. For the most part, the Stardew Valley farming simulator is a stress reliever, where chores can be done at the player’s free time. To keep growing your farm, though, you’ll need to be on top of daily tasks, and this guide will show you how to use the Stardew Valley Auto-Grabber to help you with your chores.

What is?

The Auto-Grabber is an automatic harvesting tool that completes a variety of farm tasks so you don’t have to.

The Auto-Grabber can collect milk from cows and goats, sheep’s wool and all other products from the animals in the chicken coop.

How to get the Auto-Grabber

An Auto-Grabber can be purchased at Marnie’s Ranch for 25,000 gold once it reaches farming level 10.

You will receive a letter from Marnie once you reach this level, confirming that you can visit her Ranch to purchase the combine.

How does it work?

The Auto-Grabber is a time saving tool at its core, designed to harvest many materials around your farm.

The collection tool can only be placed inside a barn or chicken coop, and it will automatically collect animal products every morning.

Functioning like a treasure chest, the Auto-Grabber will hold up to 36 items after harvest. You can then remove those items by right-clicking on the tool.

You can have as many Auto-Grabbers as you want and place them anywhere within a barn or chicken coop, however they cannot be sold afterwards.

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How to remove an Auto-Grabber

You can remove an Auto-Grabber by hitting it with a tool, as clicking repeatedly will have no effect.

Does the Auto-Grabber grab truffles?

Farmers tend to overlook many truffles when picking them and choose to trim the grass to find the ones that have escaped them.

The Auto-Grabber does not find the truffles for you; that work will depend on the pigs or their good eye.

However, there is a Deluxe Auto-Grabber mod from Nexus Mods that will help you with your truffle harvest.

Is the Stardew Valley grabber worth it?

The Auto-Grabber is absolutely worth gold if you have a large enough pen to harvest. However, if you are just starting your farming life, it is a good idea to save your gold until you need it and work to establish good friendships with your animals.

One downside to using the Auto-Grabber is that it prevents you from gaining the +5 friendship points you gain when you milk or shear an animal yourself.

The longer the Auto-Grabber is in place, the more friendship your animals will lose if they don’t interact with them, and the longer it takes for the animals to reach the maximum of 5 hearts.

One way to combat this is to use the Auto-Petter: a tool with the same function as the Auto-Grabber that can be purchased to automatically pet the barn and chicken coop animals every day.

The Auto-Petter can be purchased from JojaMart for 50,000 gold once Joja’s warehouse is completed. It can also be found in Skull Cavern treasure chests or obtained as a special monster-killing item in The Mines during the Danger In the Deep mission.

Eric Barone

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