Stardew Valley Creator Will Be Hosting a $40,000 Tournament

You wouldn’t think that Stardew Valley would be seen as a typical eSports. However, the creator of the game, ConcernedApe, will be hosting a Stardew Valley Cup, a competitive tournament. You will have a prize pool of more than $ 40,000. The ad comes from ConcernedApe Twitter.

In collaboration with streamer UnsurpassableZ, the Stardew Valley Cup will feature the “most dedicated players” in the game. The event will take place on September 4 at 9 am PST.

The promotional video shows the four teams that will participate in the tournament, each team named after a character in Stardew Valley:

  • Sandy’s Candies, consisting of TheHaboo, lilsimsie, brandiganBTW, and Fuzzerino.
  • Pierre Cherries, consisting of Cordite89, Waligug, Mr Penguinpanda and Lichatton.
  • Pam’s Yam, composed of Pianoaddict, AlbinoLiger, SeanieDew, and Matthew McCleskey.
  • Crocus by Krobus, consisting of KingNooblit, Bla_De, SharkyGames, and Therm.
Stardew Valley Tournament

For the competition, teams will complete challenges within Stardew Valley and the team that earns the most points will win the tournament. It is unknown how the prize pool will be distributed at this time.

In a video uploaded by UnsurpassableZ himself, he provides more details about the tournament, including the list of challenges teams can complete to earn points. Challenges include dancing with an NPC in Flower Dance, crafting 30 items, and even some of the more difficult ones like getting to the 100th floor in Skull Cavern.

Stardew Valley Where is the Flower Dance festival?
Credit: ConcerpedApe

Even though Stardew Valley is a relaxing game, it is not free from the speedrunning community and some records have already been set. Unlike the really popular sprinting games, this tournament will essentially involve teams doing sprinting to earn as many points as they can.

The competition will be commented on by ConcernedApe and UnsurpassableZ on the latter’s Twitch channel, where an overview of all teams will be provided. Additionally, each streamer will broadcast the competition.

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