Stardew Valley: How to Build the Perfect Greenhouse Layout

The greenhouse is a safe haven for crops and trees within the farming simulator, and if organized properly, the greenhouse could be a fruitful source of income. If you’re not sure how to use every inch of space, follow this guide on how to achieve the best greenhouse design in Stardew Valley.

What is a greenhouse?

The greenhouse is a glass building that is included in your lot from the beginning.

The structure is designed to protect crops and fruit trees from adverse weather conditions and temperatures that could be detrimental to the product. This means that whatever you plant inside the greenhouse will live to its full potential and will not be affected by seasonal changes.

How to repair the greenhouse.

The first step to getting the greenhouse of your dreams is to repair the one on your farmland.

When you first arrive, the greenhouse is badly damaged and unusable, but there are a few steps you can complete to fix it in no time.

You can complete all Pantry packages for the Community Center, or you can purchase a repair at Joja Community Development Projects for 35,000 gold.

Once the greenhouse has been repaired, you can move it to the desired location by visiting the carpentry.

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The best crops to grow in your greenhouse

Once your greenhouse is like new, you can start filling it with crops and fruit trees.

There are a variety of crops that can be planted, and the following list highlights the best crops to plant and where to find the seeds.

Mixed Seed

These seeds offer a blind variety of products, including corn, peppers, and wheat. Mixed seeds can be found by cutting weeds, extracting and digging and can be very profitable depending on what you grow from them.


Some blueberry bushes provide hundreds of fruits at harvest and take thirteen days to grow to their full potential. The seeds can be purchased from Pierre’s for 80 gold.


As with blueberries, you can get a lot of blueberries from a few bushes, but they take half the time to grow compared to blueberries. The seeds can be purchased from Pierre’s for 240 gold or from JojaMart for 300 gold.


Pineapples take around seven days to grow back, and the seeds cost 1 Magma Cup from the Island Trader. You can also find seeds inside Golden Coconuts or by killing monsters in Volcano Dungeon.

Giant crops

First, the giant crops take up about six growing spaces (3×3 squares) to grow, and the product includes melons, squash, and cauliflower. Cauliflower and melon seeds can be purchased at Pierre’s for 80 gold each and 100 gold at JojaMart. Pumpkin seeds cost slightly more at 100 gold and 125 gold.


Corn is one of the most popular forms of production and a must-have for your greenhouse. The seeds can be found at Pierre’s for 150 gold or at the JojaMart for 187 gold.


Coffee seeds are guaranteed to have a long, healthy and virtually immortal life when planted inside the greenhouse. The seeds can generally be found by Dust Sprites in the Mines, and the Traveling Cart will also sell them for between 100 and 1000 gold.

Star fruit

Starfruit is a rarer crop that generally sells for a very high price. Seeds can be purchased for 400 gold from the Oasis.

Cactus fruit

These fruits require a warm climate to grow, which makes the greenhouse the perfect place for them. The seeds can be purchased for 150 gold from the Oasis in the Calico Desert.

Sweet gem berries

These berries sell for around 3,000 gold in their poorest form, making them a great asset to your greenhouse. The seeds can be purchased for 1000 gold in the travel cart.

Ancient fruit

This type of fruit is one of the most lucrative forms of production in the game, but it takes about a month to grow. The seeds can be obtained from Gunther after donating the artifact of the same name.

Fruit trees

Lastly, various fruit trees can be planted around your greenhouse, which will maximize your profits to a great extent. Apple seeds cost 4,000 gold, cherry 3,400 gold, apricot 2,000 gold, orange 4,000 gold, peach 6,000 gold, and pomegranate 6,000 gold. All saplings can be purchased at Pierre’s.

Best Greenhouse Design in Stardew Valley

The greenhouse layout is made up of a 10 row by 12 column plot, and only 7 × 6 are available for growing crops. With this limited space in mind, it is imperative to design your greenhouse layout beforehand.

Watering each plant is a daily chore, making the addition of sprinklers a must. The sprinklers only use one grow space each, and about 4-6 sprinklers are recommended for the plot.

Sprinklers can be placed on the inside corners of each 4×4 square, or if you opt for 6, each 4×4 square can be placed in a row.

It may not look like it, but you can actually grow fruit trees on the outside of your plot where the tiles are. Four fruit trees can be planted on the top and bottom, as well as four on each side. Each tree should have approximately two tiles between them.

By planting fruit trees outside, this allows you to allocate all of your plot space to crops, and is a proven greenhouse design in Stardew Valley.

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