Stardew Valley: Secret Notes Guide (Secret Note 11 Explained)

Now that you’ve got your bearings in Pelican Town, you’ve more than likely noticed a few notes popping up around town. If you have yet to discover your first ambiguous letter, this guide will cover how to trigger its appearance and explain the mystery behind Secret Note 11 in Stardew Valley.

How to unlock secret notes

In the quiet farming simulator, players have the opportunity to discover 25 secret notes that are hidden throughout the city. Each note will reveal a buried treasure or air the dirty clothes of the townspeople.

In order for the notes to appear and you can read them, you must obtain the Magnifying Glass object, which is the reward at the end of the mission A Winter Mystery.

A winter mystery mission

This mission is triggered by walking to the bus stop during the winter between 6 a.m. M. And 4 p.m. M., which will then start a scene.

The scene will offer an interaction between you and a shadow boy, who is shocked by your sudden appearance. The shadow boy will flee from your location.

Once the cutscene has concluded, the quest A Winter Mystery will be added to your journal. Then you will have to follow in the footsteps of Shadow Guy.


Where to find Shadow Guy

Following the steps will take you to a bush to the right of the playground, to the left of the Community Center.

You will then need to click on the bush behind the benches, which will encourage Shadow Boy to jump. The character will apologize for stealing and will voluntarily hand over the Magnifying Glass item to you before running away again.

The magnifying glass item will be yours, allowing you to read secret notes and find them as you dig, mine, fish, cut trees, and kill monsters.

Where to find secret notes

Secret notes can be found by performing everyday tasks in the game. Notes can be dropped after conquering enemies, collecting weeds, and completing other critical tasks in Pelican Town.

Some tasks have a higher probability of depositing notes than others, and here is a list of those probabilities by percentage:

100% giant crop 100%
Artifact stains eleven%
Fishing 8%
Resource pools 5%
Monsters 3.3%
Pulling weeds 0.9%
stone 0.75%
To cut trees 0.5%

Collecting giant crops is a guaranteed way to find notes, but completing this task requires patience. Digging up artifacts and fishing are the best tasks to do to find notes.

What is Secret Note 11?

One of the 25 notes that you can collect in Stardew Valley is Secret Note 11, which will appear randomly if you continue to perform the tasks mentioned above.

The note has no text, but rather a photo of an older woman holding a girl’s hand, both surrounded by farm animals.

Secret Note 11 has become one of the unexplained mysteries of the game, as no one has been able to determine exactly who is in the picture. Some players have speculated that they are Marnie and Jas holding hands when the latter was a baby. Others believe that it is Jas from her mother’s hand, who never appears in the game.

Secret Note 11 Stardew Valley

What do you do with Secret Note 11?

The mystery of Secret Note 11 also revolves around its purpose. All the other notes have a meaning behind them, leading to the treasure or the progress of the narrative. However, Secret Note 11 does not appear to be more than a curious collectible.

Five years have passed since Stardew Valley was released and no one has been able to find the note’s true purpose or meaning, nor have they been able to confirm exactly who is in the photograph.

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