Stardew Valley: The Ultimate Tuna Guide

Tuna is equivalent to golden fleece in farming simulator as it is one of the rarest fish to catch. The amount of time it takes to catch a tuna does not reflect your fishing skills, but this guide will provide you with the best spots to fish and everything you need to know about tuna in Stardew Valley.

Where to find tuna

Finding the best place to fish for tuna is easy, but it is the wait that you will have to be prepared for. Some are lucky and catch tuna or even a golden tuna relatively quickly, but if it takes you a while to eat something, don’t worry, you are not alone.

The best place to start fishing for tuna is to travel south of Pelican Town towards the ocean. Setting up a fishing spot directly outside of Willy’s Fish Shop is a good idea, so be close to supplies if you need to restock.

Tuna is only available to fish during the summer and winter seasons, between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m., and you can’t fish at night either.

If this method gets too tedious for a day, you can always try trash diving. Tuna rarely breed in garbage cans during the summer or winter, but today could be your lucky day.

How to fish for tuna in Stardew Valley

Tuna can be caught in the game like any other type of fish. Unfortunately, there is no magic technique that will attract tuna to your rod. Persistence is key. If you need help getting started, follow this guide on how to bait your fishing rod.

The fishing process involves equipping your fishing pole, casting the line into the water, and waiting until a fish bites. A bite will be reported with an exclamation point followed by “HIT!”, Which will then start the minigame.

The minigame requires you to hold the rectangle near the moving fish icon until the bar is completely full. It may take a couple of tries to get used to it.

Tuna benefits

Tuna can be strangely used on the spool of sewing machines, to make the sailor shirt.

Tuna can also be put in a fish pond, where they will breed every 3 days. The fish pond has a capacity for 3 fish, but this can increase to 10 when certain missions are completed.

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Tuna recipes

Tuna can be used as an ingredient for the following foods:

Name Description Ingredients Sale price
Fish taco A taco that smells good 1x tuna, 1x tortilla, 1x red cabbage, 1x mayonnaise 500g
Maki Roll Fish and rice wrapped in seaweed 1x any fish, 1x seaweed, 1x rice 220g
Quality fertilizer Improves soil quality 2x sap, 1x any fish 10g
Sashimi Raw fish slices 1x any fish 75g

Give away tuna

Tuna can also be gifted to your neighbors, but keep in mind that not everyone will be happy to receive it.

Reactions Characters
Neutral Demetrius, Elliot, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian.
Dislike Abigail, Alex, Caroline, Clint, Dwarf, Emily, George, Gus, Harvey, Jas, Jodi, Kent, Krobus, Leah, Lewis, Marnie, Maru, Penny, Robin, Sam, Sandy, Shane, Vincent, Wizard.
Hate Evelyn, Haley, Pierre.

Sale prices

If you are lucky enough to build up a healthy stock of tuna, you can use this sales price chart as a guide.

Prices Normal Silver star Gold star Purple star
Base price 100 grams 125g 150g 200g
Fisherman 125g 156g 187g 250g
Angler 150g 187g 225g 300g
Roe Artisan sale price 80g
Aged rose Artisan sale price 160g
Aged roe (+ 40%) Artisanal sale price 224g

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