The Sims 4: How to Age Up

Do you want to know how to age in Sims 4? Then you are in the right place.

Like everyone sadly must go through real life, all Sims in The Sims 4 go through an aging process. However, it is up to you as a player how your Sims go through their life stages and how long they spend in each stage before they finally age.

This guide will show you some of the most common ways to age in Sims 4.

What are the stages of life?

In total, there are seven life stages within The Sims 4. They include baby, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult, and finally, old man. Players can also choose if their Sim’s lifespan is Short, Normal, or Long.

The half-life of a Sim in each of the seven life stages is:

Little Normal Length
Baby 0-1.5 day 0-3 days 0-12 days
Little boy 4 days 7 days 32 days
Kid 7 days 13 days 56 days
Teen 7 days 14 days 56 days
Young adult 12 days 24 days 94 days
Adult 12 days 24 days 94 days
Higher 5 days + 10 days + 40 days +

While most gamers eventually decide to start their Sims 4 journey in adulthood, they may want to add their Sims family and vary their life expectancy.

How to age in The Sims 4?

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There is more than one way for Sims to age. You can let your Sims age naturally. Any Sims played that are not in the active household will automatically age while off screen. However, automatic aging can be disabled in the environment.

A Sim can progress with aging by baking a birthday cake. Once the Sim has finished baking the cake, click the “add birthday candles” option to turn it into a birthday cake.

Lastly, click on the cake and have the Sim you wish to age to blow out the candles. Toddlers and little ones will need the help of an older sim to complete this task.

If you want to do your best, you can age your Sim by throwing a birthday party. Although the basic function of celebrating a birthday is the same process as making the birthday cake, it’s always nice to celebrate with all of your Sim friends.

Babies are the easiest to age. They can age very quickly, even on the first day of their life.

While spending their time in the crib, the player just needs to click on the crib and click “Get Old” and the baby will grow to its toddler phase.

If you want something a little more “natural”, putting your Sim under a lot of stress can cause them to speed up. It may not be a good way to age, but stress can certainly increase the years in the real world.

What can stop aging?

If a Sim becomes pregnant, she will not age at all until the baby is born. Therefore, keep your Sim away from any WooHoo if you want him to continue aging.

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