The Sims 4: How to Browse Intelligence

The Sims 4 not only allows you to speak fun, made-up language with your family, friends, and neighbors, it also allows your virtual avatars to pursue a profession that can seem a bit far-fetched in the real world. . One profession, the secret agent career, requires you to spend a fair amount of time on a particular task, and this guide will show you how to explore intelligence in The Sims 4.

How to become a secret agent

The Secret Agent Race is one of ten races in The Sims 4, combining elements of the Law Enforcement Race from previous games with new material.

A secret agent’s preferred mood is centered, as both the Diamond Agent branch and the Villain branch will want your undivided attention.

Diamond Agent Branch

The Diamond Agent Branch provides you with the daily Romantic Interactions task, which requires you to flirt with your partner or whomever you want in town.

However, the recommended emotion of this branch is still focused and showing up to work in a flirtatious mood can hamper your performance.

Working in this branch is financially beneficial, however, you will have to dedicate three 15-hour shifts a week.

the sims 4 diamond branch

Villain branch

The villains branch, on the other hand, deals with charisma, where your daily task is to reach level 6 at the end of the branch.

This branch will require you to develop your Mischief skill, and it is recommended that you start flexing this muscle as soon as you can.

Within the Villain Branch, you will be able to reach level 11 and have roughly the same working hours as the Diamond Agent Branch, except that the three longest days are replaced by five shorter days.

The intelligence scan database rewards you with two long, focused moods that last a day, and if you want extra chocolate points at work, browsing Simipedia before your shift is beneficial.

As a secret agent, your daily tasks will switch between Exploring Intelligence and Friendly Interactions.

You will need logic and charisma in this career to use these tasks to get a promotion.

the sims 4 screen

What is scouting intelligence?

Exploring intelligence is just one of the daily tasks involved in the secret agent career when you start out as an agency secretary. It’s pretty slow from the get-go, so time management is a must.

It is also recommended that you purchase the cheapest desk and chair in the “Electronics” purchase menu as soon as you can, as updates are not too far off as you progress in your career.

Scouting intelligence must be done for two hours a day, which is a requirement for a promotion.

How to Explore Intelligence in The Sims 4

To browse Intelligence, all you need to do is go to your computer and find the “Browse Intelligence” option under “Web”.

You will see the task highlighted as a running icon (identified by a clock symbol), however this will not appear if you are using an iPad. You must use a computer to test intelligence.

Once you have done the task once, all you need to do is hold it for two hours every day and a Secret Agent promotion will be in your immediate future.

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