The Sims 4: How to Make a Basement

One of the benefits of playing The Sims 4 is being able to build your dream house with as many interesting levels and quirks as you want. As long as you have the funds, building your ideal abode or secret lair has never been easier, and this guide will show you how to make a basement in The Sims 4.

Where to find the basement tool

To start making your dreams come true, you must first locate the game’s Basement tool, which was added to the game in 2015.

  • Navigate to construction mode by clicking the upper right icon or pressing B in live mode.
  • The Basement tool can be located next to the Build Room tool.
  • Select the basement tool and you are ready to start building.

Basement basics

The basement tool allows you to add two underground floors to your original structure, allowing for a six-story house in total.

When you are mapping the basement, there will be a green outline to guide you. You will also have to press Page Down to see where your basement is located.

Once your basement has been placed, it will function like any other room in your house, where its position can be changed and its walls can be manipulated. The basement walls can also be adjusted in height.

The walls can also be used to change the regular square shape of the basement into something other than building characters, using the Wall Drawing tool.

It’s also worth noting that you can’t add windows and doors to your basement. However, a false window can be constructed by painting the wall to look like a window and adding ambient lighting.

A crucial part of building your basement is adding stairs; otherwise your Sims won’t be able to access it once it’s built.

the sims 4 basement idea
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How to add stairs to your basement

Stairs are added to the lower level by going up and the feature will automatically remove any tiles that are in the path of the stair.

Three spaces are required for the stairs if the basement walls are at the lowest height, 4 spaces for the medium walls and 5 squares for the highest walls. You will also need to leave space at the top and bottom of the stairs for a landing.

  • Select Stairs from the Build menu and choose your preferred style.
  • Find a position to place your ladder, making sure it corresponds to the plan of the upper level.
  • Drag the arrows on either side of the stair if you want it to be wider.

If you decide to go for a different style stair after placing the first one, simply select the design you would like and click into place on the existing stair.

How to Add Decorated Rooms to Your Basement

If you want to add a decorated room to your basement, you can do so from Build’s Catalog Gallery, and a room doesn’t have to be pre-built in the basement.

  • Navigate to your basement level using the Page Down command.
  • Choose the decorated room you would like to add to your basement from the Kitchen or Stylish Room menu in the Building catalog.
  • Please allow a short delay before the room appears.

Since you cannot have basement doors, an error message is likely to appear if you selected a room decorated with doors. To combat this problem, first assign the room to a higher floor and remove the doors. Then you can move it back to the basement.

How to add a pool to your basement

Everyone wants a pool in their basement, and The Sims 4 lets you add one very easily.

A pool can be added using the same method as any other room, however it cannot extend beyond the edge of the basement.

the basement pool from the sims 4
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How to build two-level basements

If you want to create the multi-layered effect of a two-story basement, follow these steps to create a two-story basement.

  • First draw a map of the open part of the basement and then draw the other level below.
  • Remove the floor from the first basement that you put in.
  • Navigate to the first level of the basement and select the wall tool to fill in the loft area.
  • Replace the wall that joins the two levels with a fence, as removing the wall will make the floor reappear.
  • Finally, add stairs to link your divided levels.
the sims 4 two level basment
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How to make an open basement in The Sims 4

Instead of building a basement below ground level in your home, you can also choose to build an open basement that looks like a well in the ground.

  • Use the above-mentioned method to draw a basement and make sure it is highlighted.
  • Use the Page Up feature to go up a level and see what it looks like.
  • You will see a yellow square on the ground. Click on the yellow border and select Remove Roof.
  • Once you add stairs, you will now have an open basement to fill with the items of your choice.
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