The Sims 4: How to Plant Seeds

Do you want to know how to plant seeds in Sims 4? Well, you are in the right place.

One of the most popular skills in Sims 4 is gardening. Sims can add a harvest of their favorite fruits and vegetables for their own use, and some Sims sell them for profit and make quite a bit of money.

For some Sims, gardening will be a way to grow food for themselves, but for others it may just be a hobby to skip those long Sim days.

In-game gardening can be time consuming for Sims, and some players spend a lot of time gardening the game. For some Sims, it can serve as their main job, if they are doing enough to earn a penny from it.

For starters, Sims can only grow their own fruits and vegetables for their private use, but the more seeds you sow, the greater the gardening skill set you can achieve.

If you are a newbie to gardening and don’t even know how to get started in the world of gardening in Sims 4, here is our quick guide to how to plant seeds, which explains step by step how to get started and let your green fingers bloom.

How to plant seeds in Sims 4?

First, you need to buy a gardener pot or planter. Choose wisely. Depending on how much you want to grow, it will depend on what you grow them in.

Garden pots can hold a single plant, but a pot can hold four plants or one tree. If you want to have your plant indoors, you can only use garden pots.

To buy a pot or box, go to “Building Mode”. From there, click on Objects by Role – Hobbies and Skills – Miscellaneous and choose which one you want.

The next task is to buy the seeds to plant. This is done in a very similar way to buying flower pots and planters. Enter “Building Mode” again and click Outdoors – Outdoor Activities, and then choose the seeds you want to buy.

Starter seed packs can be quite expensive, so make sure you have the funds available. They will then be sent to your personal inventory, which is located at the bottom right of the screen.

The final stage is planting the seeds. Click on the seed pack in inventory and select Open seed pack. This will then divide the package into inventory.

From there, drag the seeds you want to plant to the area you want them to grow from. Then click on plant and congratulations, you are now the owner of your new crops.

How to plant seeds in Sims 4
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How to care for the plants afterwards?

The seeds are sure to be watered after planting to keep them fresh. It is better to water the plants every day and check if any weeds have grown every other day.

If you become a regular gardener, once you reach Gardening Level 7, an option called “Gardening” will be available, which means you won’t have to water and weed our crops separately.

Also, be on the lookout for insects that can destroy your plants. To combat insects, click on the “Insect Spray” option by clicking on the plant they are infesting.

Although most people don’t like the rain, that will help. If your Sim is having a busy day and you don’t feel like they have time to care for growing plants, then the rain would be a blessing.

If it rains, all outdoor plants are watered automatically, leaving one less thing for your Sim to do.

The plants will indicate that they are ready to be harvested, it will light up, indicating that it has finished its growth cycle.

If you have planted plants and flowers, you can leave them to decorate your garden or house if you plant them indoors. Just make sure they are getting the regular care they need.

You can also use fruits and vegetables you’ve grown to plant new crops, starting what could be a never-ending cycle of gardening fun.

Selling plants for profit

If you’re just planting the seeds for the fun of gardening in Sims 4, why not consider turning your crops into additional profit?

Once you’ve harvested your crops, they will go to your Sim’s inventory. From there, drag them to the sale box and earn your money, it’s as simple as that.

Once your Sim has become a Master Gardener and has reached Gardening Level 8, they will be able to harvest and sell all their produce and plants at once, saving time and making a profit as quickly as possible.

Do you think you are ready now to sow your seeds and move up the ladder of gardening skills? Try our guide “How to plant seeds in Sims 4” and grow some beautiful plants and crops in your little world of Sims 4.

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