Top 10 Skins Used During LEC 2021 Summer Split Group Stage

The LEC 2021 Summer Split Playoffs are just around the corner, while we wait, we think about the most used champions and their most used skins so far!
Among the various skins present in League of Legends, we present you the favorites of the players of the current Split.

Moonbeast Viego

Launched competitively at the start of the split, Viego has been in the spotlight since day 1. It has been released earlier this year along with the Ruination story that will accompany us throughout the year and alongside its unique (for now ) aspect of the Moonbeast skin line.

Former leader of a previous lunar ox squad, Viego decided that they would fight the Moon Beast and actually defeat it. His plan ended in tragedy when he watched the rest of his squad get eaten … including his wife.

Muay Thai Lee Sin

Lee Sin has also made a great comeback with one of his 14 masks: Muay Thai. During this LEC Summer Split their skins varied a lot, but this was the favorite among the others.
Known as “the art of the eight limbs”, Muay Thai is a multidisciplinary fighting style practiced by boxers for centuries. Lee Sin, who has mastered many forms of hand-to-hand combat, is among its greatest champions.

Omega Tristana Squad

With a 52% win rate, Omega Squad Commander Tristana has been one of the teams’ (and center lanes) favorite ADCs in this division. Commander of Omega Squad, Tristana has established her policy of never retreating unless she is returning fire the entire way home. She calls it “moving backwards.”

Marauder Alistar

Alistar has also been frequently chosen this Summer Split, and among the various skins used, the Marauder Alistar has been the most chosen by players. Although the great armies of the Empire of the lords of magic have faded in ancient times, their modern descendants defend the ruthless brutality of their ancestors. Alistar, a fine specimen of the beastman hordes, now fights for the same culture that conquered his own people so long ago.

Battle Academia Leona

This particular skin has been on the rift during the LEC Summer Split almost as long as its champion!

After being selected for the annual inter-academy tournament, Leona sharpened her combat prowess in almost every spare moment she had, knowing she had to beat other high-ranking students from rival schools like Durandal, Babylon, Amrita, and Sharur. Her now perfected bloodlust and ready shield will beat anyone who challenges her into a fleshy pulp.

Lucian Project

Not as popular as Tristana, Lucian also had his share of battle in the rift in this division (and not just in the center lane). Although this is not one of the newest aspects of this champion, it has proven to be the most popular so far.

Once a sentinel within the command line, Lucian has seen PROJECT for what they really are. Their Ionic Dual Core Lightcaster pistols now serve G / NETIC and the Human Rebellion, taking down their tech oppressors with brutal efficiency.

Dark star varus

With a 65% win rate, Varus has been one of the most chosen ADCs for this division. Along with his most recent skin (Project Varus) Dark Star Varus and his chromas have been dominating the rift throughout the summer season.

An interstellar titan containing multitudes within his supernatural mind, Varus serves the devouring Dark Star, a fearsome singularity born in the darkness of deep space. Their arrival is a cataclysmic extinction event, erasing entire planetary systems as if they had never been there.

Super Galaxy Rumble

In the first half of the division, you could see Rumble everywhere in the jungle! Certainly, this was a great divide for the little yordle. However, despite having a perfectly themed skin for the role (Rumble in the Jungle), players choose to defeat their opponents with the help of Super Galaxy Rumble!

Founder of the Super Galaxy Defense Force, Rumble always dreamed of saving the world … with his “explosive face melters” and his “brave giga-guards”. To this day, his allies still have no idea what those terms mean, but they don’t question it … because a yordle operating a flame-breathing volcanic robot can be very volatile.

Shan Hai Rolls Nautilus

The Titan of the Deep floods the rift with magma in his latest cast skin! Although players have been undecided whether to choose him or his basic appearance, thus making the first tie on this list!

A guardian who helped seal the mad god Jhin within a sacred waterfall, as depicted in the mysterious painting known as the Shan Hai Scrolls. For millennia, Jhin has whispered power, freedom, and true divinity to Nautilus, until he finally released him. Now twisted with anger, the rivers of Nautilus run not with water, but with molten magma.

Renekton project

Last but not least, another project skin among the most used during the LEC Summer Split! This time a more recent one: Project Renekton.

A hybrid warrior taking inspiration from extinct fauna, Renekton is the perfected version of PROJECT’s crossover supereme project. Released to aid the city in its fight against the Program virus, Renekton’s seemingly endless rage is useful for now … though his belief that he can “see beyond the soul” is increasingly puzzling.

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