Worlds 2021 Confirmed to Move to Europe

In a previous article, it was covered that rumors spread about the move of Worlds from China to Europe. However, since August 24, Riot Games has confirmed this via his @lolesports Twitter. Worlds 2021 has been confirmed to move to Europe, rather than China.

Earlier today, John Needham, Riot’s Global Director of Esports, confirmed that Worlds 2021 would be moving to Europe. He cited the Delta variant as one of the main causes of the sudden move. According to him, both Riot and the people stationed in China have been working hard to help achieve both the 2020 World Cup and the 2021 World Cup.

Worlds 2020 was a great success, as it not only offered an entertaining event, but also a safe one for the players. According to John, Worlds 2020 suffered 0 infections. With vaccines delivered around the world, the team had assumed that normalcy would return in 2021. Unfortunately, this was not the case as different variants have started to appear, one of them being the Delta variant.

Due to the Delta variant, travel restrictions and COVID protocols have changed. This poses a problem regarding the entry of teams from outside the host country. That said, John announced that Riot has made the “difficult decision” to move the 2021 World Cup from China to Europe. He thanked the 5 cities, as well as the production teams behind, for helping Riot try to find ways to continue running Worlds in China.

During the announcement video, John mentioned that the Summoners Cup was a trophy that all teams worked on throughout the year to win. Months after months of practice to win the coveted trophy that many players want, but only a few can sustain. It would be a waste of hard work to just cancel the event, like what happened with MSI 2020.

The exact cities were not revealed during the video. However, John said it would be in places where “the greatest number of teams” can go. And with VCT taking place in Berlin, many have speculated that the 2021 World Cup will also take place there.

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