Worlds 2021 to Move From China to Europe, According to Sources

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship is scheduled to move from its original location in China to Europe, according to sources who told Upcomer.

Riot Games, the game’s developer, had a difficult time obtaining travel visas for a group of people. From production personnel to qualified teams, with less than a few months to go before the tournament started, Riot was still working to figure out how everyone could enter China smoothly.

Unfortunately, such a resolution never materialized, as Riot eventually made the decision to move to Europe, where the tournament lasted in Shanghai in 2019 in three countries (Germany, Spain, and France).

For Worlds 2020 in China, most of its scenarios were conducted in a closed studio in Shanghai to preserve COVID-19 preventive measures. The grand finale was held at the Pudong football stadium in front of a live audience of 6,312 who watched DAMWON Gaming defeat Suning in four games to win the title.

Originally, Worlds 2021 was scheduled to take place in various cities across the East Asian country, and the Grand Finals would be held in Shenzhen at the Universiade sports center in Guangdong province. In May, Riot announced Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan and Chengdu as the other cities that will host the other stages of the event, from Play-Ins to the semi-finals.

With the tournament moving to Europe for the 2021 World Cup, it is unclear what will happen in next year’s edition, in which North America will be the host region. Riot returns to China this year to bring a “live sports experience” after the more restricted edition of 2020. With this setback, Riot may choose to delay hosting the tournament in NA until 2023 to give China another chance to host in 2022.

“We will share official updates tomorrow on our social media,” a Riot representative said in a statement delivered to Upcomer.

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